Yang Hee-jong finished his journey “I love KGC, a drama without a script”

 “Aren’t the juniors really amazing?” The captain mentioned juniors first even in the last moment of winning as a player. ‘Last Defense’ by Yang Hee-jong (39, 194cm) had a happy ending.

Anyang KGC won the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball Championship Game 7 against Seoul SK held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 7th, 100-97 after a close match that went to overtime. KGC, which recorded 4 wins and 3 losses in the series, achieved its 4th victory in its career.

‘Anyang Man’ 메이저사이트 Yang Hee-jong’s journey has also come to an end. Yang Hui-jong suffered a shoulder injury in the 5th game and missed the 6th game, but appeared on the court in the 7th game. 3 seconds before the end of the extra period, when KGC won the game 100-97, Oh Se-geun was replaced and the last moment was met on the court.

Yang Hee-jong handed over the starting position to Moon Seong-gon in the 2020-2021 season championship match, but was put in right before the end of the game due to the club’s consideration. As a result, Yang Hee-jong remains the only player who was on the court at the moment when KGC won the championship four times.

The feeling of winning.
Aren’t the juniors really amazing? It was a drama without a script. I didn’t expect this ending. Juniors, our team! Thank you, sorry, and I love you.

The moment the victory was approaching,
I didn’t even see the players throwing free throws from the middle of the 4th quarter. I just prayed and turned away. There was a difficult situation in overtime, but I am grateful to the players who overcame it with mental strength. As a hyung, I felt sorry for not being able to spend the last moments together.

Just before the end of the game,
the coach who was put in told me from Game 6, which could have been the last game. He told me to prepare because when it’s garbage time, I’ll put it in so I can be with my colleagues. He was honored to be able to spend his last moments on the court as a player. Thank you.

Captain’s Tears
I’ve been crying since Omari Spellman got the extra free throw in overtime. He was moved by the players who showed their mental strength to the end regardless of the win or loss. He has nothing but gratitude.

It was the first time the fans
cheered and cheered at such a decibel level while playing as a player. It was all thanks to the fans that our team was able to win without repeating the mistakes of last season. I sincerely thank the fans.

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