Women’s volleyball coach Cesar Gonzalez “This year’s top priority Olympic qualification”

“Hello. I am Cesar Hernandez, the coach of the Korean women’s volleyball team.”

Cesar Hernandez Gonzalez (46), the coach of the Korean women’s volleyball team, held a press conference in Korean with determination, albeit somewhat clumsily.

He is also the coach of Bakif Bank, a prestigious team in the Turkiye women’s volleyball league, so this is the solution he chose when some pointed out that he lacked communication with the players.

Director Cesar Gonzalez asked for understanding from the reporters at a New Year’s press conference held on the 11th at the Korea Comics Promotion Agency in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, saying, “I’m practicing Korean hard, but I’m still a bit lacking. I’m sorry, but I’ll do it in English later.”

Korean women’s volleyball, which used a semifinal myth at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, received a poor report card in the process of토토사이트 changing generations last year.

After the pillars that supported the national team, such as Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance), Kim Su-ji (IBK Industrial Bank), and Yang Hyo-jin (Hyundai E&C), fell out at once, they only managed 1 win and 16 losses in the 2022 international competition.

Coach Cesar Gonzalez said, “It was a difficult year, but the positive part is that we selected players who had never been to the national team for the first time and gave them experience. Despite the bad results, those players have grown.”

He continued, “Our performance was lacking on the international stage. This year, we will try to help our players develop to the next level.”

Coach Cesar Gonzalez, who took the helm of the Korean women’s volleyball team in 2021 as the successor to coach Stefano Lavarini, who led the team to the semifinals of the Tokyo Olympics, barely ended the losing streak in the group stage of the World Championships after 16 consecutive losses last year.

After facing criticism, he said at his first press conference this year, “Communication is the most important. Communication with players, fans, and clubs is all important. I hope to be able to communicate smoothly with the help of the Volleyball Association’s Performance Improvement Committee.” emphasized.

This year, Korean women’s volleyball will play the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) from May to July, followed by the world qualifiers for the Paris Olympics in September and the Asian Games in Hangzhou at the end of September.

If you want to advance to the Paris Olympics, none of them are competitions that you can’t take care of.

The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) will abolish the continental qualifiers from the Paris Olympics and hold the integrated Olympic qualifiers.

Of the 12 Olympic tickets, one ticket will be taken by the host country, France, and a total of six teams, including second place in the group, will receive a ticket to the Paris Olympics in the Olympic qualifying round, which will be held in September this year in three groups of eight countries each.

The remaining 5 tickets will be distributed in the order of world ranking after the end of next year’s VNL qualifying round.

Korean women’s volleyball, which fell to 23rd in the world after repeated sluggishness last year, should raise its ranking in the VNL this year and aim to pass the Olympic qualifiers at the same time.

Coach Cesar Gonzalez said, “Among all competitions this year, doing well in the Olympic qualifiers is my priority. All competitions are important, but my dream is to go to the Olympics as a coach.”

For this to happen, successful generational change and constitutional improvement must be achieved.

Coach Cesar Gonzalez said, “Korean volleyball has to go in line with the direction of international volleyball. Fast and powerful volleyball is the international trend. Korea has to play like this, too.” In the tactical part, the setter must pursue a faster volleyball or practice tactics to show various appearances.”

Coach Cesar Gonzalez, who arrived on the 10th after completing the Turkish women’s volleyball league schedule, watched the V-League Heungkuk Life Insurance and IBK Industrial Bank match held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 11th, and then moved to Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 12th to play GS Caltex-KGC Ginseng. Observe the construction and return to Turkiye immediately.

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