‘With Daejeon again’ Lee Jin-hyeon “I want to become a ‘hexagonal midfielder'”

Lee Jin-hyeon (Daejeon Hana Citizen) revealed his long-term goal of becoming a ‘hexagonal midfielder’.

On the 13th, a press conference was held in Daejeon for the ‘2023 K-League Winter Battery Training Media Camp’ at the Samsung Hotel in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do. Daejeon, which achieved promotion through the promotion playoffs last season먹튀검증, is preparing to return to K-League 1 by conducting field training in Geoje following Chonburi, Thailand.

Lee Jin-hyeon was one of the main contributors to last year’s promotion to Daejeon. He recorded 4 goals and 5 assists in 27 regular season games, and scored a multi-goal in Game 2 during the promotion playoffs. Through Lee Jin-hyun’s opening goal and additional goal, Daejeon washed away the regret it swallowed at the threshold of promotion in the previous season and returned to the K-League 1 after 8 years.

Lee Jin-hyun, who completed his mission last season, returned to Daejeon after a short challenge. As a free agent (FA), he participated in training in Legia Warsaw (Poland), returned and signed a new contract with Daejeon. He was away for a while, but nothing changed. Lee Jin-hyun, who participated in the media camp interview, said, “I was welcomed rather than welcomed. The hyungs joked that they were ‘like the original kid'” and “I joined the team from the second field training. I didn’t need to adapt. I was worried about my physical condition because I didn’t do it, but my body is improving quickly.”

Lee Jin-hyun, who made his professional stage debut in Austria, found something to supplement through the European stage challenge. He is trying to strengthen his physical to become a ‘hexagonal midfielder’ with all abilities equally good. “My goal is to become a hexagonal midfielder. I want to become a player who can perform well no matter what play is entrusted to him as the hexagon grows bigger,” he said. “I need to supplement my physical. “You have to have defensive skills. I felt it a lot in Europe. There are many foreign players who are born with good strength. Korean players need training. I trained every day without skipping, and my muscle mass increased.”

Taking a break from his personal challenge, Lee Jin-hyun now focuses on Daejeon again. “Last year in Daejeon, we shared our feelings and achieved the goal of promotion. I am very happy to be able to work with Daejeon again. expressed his determination.

The goal of Daejeon, Lee Jin-hyun thinks, is to remain and advance to the Final A. Lee Jin-hyun said, “The goal is to get to Final A, or at least survive in K-League 1. Realistically, we are a newly promoted team. Our competitiveness in K-League 1 has not been verified. But the players are confident. Team composition There are enough players who are competitive in terms of aspects. I think it’s worth a try,” he expressed confidence.

“Most of the team’s players are young. They are not too young, they are suitable. The energy level in the playground, the amount of activity,

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