“What should I say in spring volleyball?” Director Kim Jong-min’s belief in Lee Yoon-jung

“Shouldn’t we leave it to (Lee) Yoon Jeong-i to solve in the postseason?”

Korea Expressway Corporation coach메이저놀이터 Kim Jong-min mentions the name of setter Lee Yoon-jung without hesitation as the player who has been criticized the most this season. Lee Yoon-jung, who is in charge of game operation, is often criticized by coach Kim during training and during the game.

However, coach Kim knows that without Lee Yoon-jung’s growth, it would have been difficult for him to advance to volleyball this spring. On the 17th, after decorating the final game of the regular league against GS Caltex with a shutout victory, he mentioned Lee Yoon-jung as a key player in the postseason, saying, “I’m trying to see how big Lee Yoon-jung’s liver is in the playoffs.”

It was the same on the V-League Postseason Media Day on the 21st. From the 23rd, during the playoffs against Hyundai E&C (2 wins from 3 games), Lee Yoon-jung’s name was often mentioned by coach Kim.

However, unlike the regular league, coach Kim tries to show Lee Yun-jeong the softest possible image of a commanding tower during the post season. Lee Yoon-jung, who is playing her first spring volleyball, is in a position to encourage her to show her skills calmly.

Director Kim acknowledged, “Lee Yoon-jung has been nagging me a lot and has been very upset. I have talked a lot about it.” I don’t think I should say anything,” he said.

Also, “If I say anything, I don’t think it will be better for Lee Yun-jung. I have to leave it to Bon and let him solve it on his own.” I plan to tell you that it is necessary to go simply.”  

Lee Yoon-jung’s candid speech also served as an opportunity for director Kim to make a ‘temporary change’. The part where coach Kim usually urged Lee Yoon-jung to work hard through media interviews came as a big ‘sadness’ to the player.

Coach Kim laughed, “I asked (Lee) Yoon Jeong-i and he said that he felt sorry for me. Until I asked him, he didn’t show it at all, but when I talked to him in person, his heart was different.” Thanks to everyone’s hard work, we were able to play the postseason.” 

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