“We couldn’t become one” Lee Ki-hyung, the new head coach, analyzed ‘relegated Seongnam’

Lee Ki-hyeong (49), who took the new leadership of Seongnam FC, pointed out the reason for the team’s relegation to unity.

Coach Lee evaluated at the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held at the Namhae Sports Park Hotel in Gyeongnam on the afternoon of the 2nd, “I saw that the players of last season were not united in the game.”

Seongnam, which was in K League 1, came down to K League 2 due to direct relegation last year. It was a big scar for Seongnam, who won the first 3 consecutive defeats in the K-League 1 and two 3 consecutive losses.

Seongnam appointed coach Lee as a fixer for promotion. He saved Incheon United from relegation as an acting manager in the second half of the 2016 season.

Coach Lee explained, “When I entered the game, I didn’t see them playing as one regardless of tactics.” He analyzed that the part of cheering and encouraging a colleague when he made a mistake or someone stepping up and leading 안전놀이터 the atmosphere was weak.

Director Lee, who took over as official coach again after 5 years, started to improve Seongnam’s constitution. He made it his top priority to have all players compete for starting positions and take care of the team by sacrificing himself.

Director Lee, whose goal is direct promotion, said, “I haven’t decided who is the best member, and I will continue to compete.” He continued, “If anyone neglects or gives up, we will not be able to achieve the promotion we want.”

He also foreshadowed a change in tactics. Last season, Seongnam played a lot defensively.

Coach Lee said, “I will play challenging and aggressive soccer even if I lose when I lose,” and “I have been going in that direction since the first training.” He pledged, “It’s absurd to say that we don’t care about winning or losing, but we will make aggressive and challenging soccer, and Seongnam desperately play soccer.”

Coach Lee, who will make a performance worthy of his nickname ‘winner’, promised to surely increase his power during the remaining winter training period, saying, “We will achieve our goal well.”

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