“We also go abroad through the 亞 quarter”…Filipino players’ performance should be ‘stimulated’

Our players also have to go abroad.”

The story of KCC guard Park Jae-hyeon (32) advancing to the Japanese B-League came out. There may be additional players out there. There are also voices calling for more aggressive overseas expansion. Filipino players are playing in the KBL right now. It becomes a ‘stimulus’.

A KCC official said, “The B-League team has been trying to recruit Park Jae-hyun. It is still undecided. The story is in progress. A decision could come within this week or early next week. It seems that January will not pass,” he explained.

Currently, there are two Korean players in the B-League. Yang Jae-min is playing in Utsunomiya in Part 1, and Chun Ki-beom is playing in Fukushima in Part 2. Park Jae-hyun is also expected to go to Japan. He earned a reputation as a top-notch guard during his college days. He is disappointing in his professional performance. In particular, he has not played this season. The B-League beckoned Park Jae-hyeon.

KBL is already using the Asian Quarter. In particular, a storm is blowing in the Philippines this season. Ronsay Avarientos (Hyundai Mobis), Ethan Albano (DB), Lens Abando (KGC), Sam Joseph Belrangel (Korea Gas Corporation), and Justin Gutang (LG) have established themselves as the main players of the team. 스포츠토토

KT brought Dave Ildefonso, KCC brought Calvin Jeffrey Epistola, and Samsung also signed a contract with Justin Balthazar. Filipino players have become ‘required’. This is an area where domestic players should be stimulated.

Hyundai Mobis manager Jo Dong-hyun said, “Filipino players are coming to our country. I hope college players can be stimulated. So hard work is a win-win. It is not allowed to bring in Filipino players to make up for the lack of our players,” he pointed out.

“Wouldn’t it be a good thing if I could go to the B.League? I’m in favor Currently, there may be cases where Filipino players go to Japan after their 2-3 year contracts are over. I hope our players go too. I want the market itself to grow,” he said.

The B.League is a league that is growing rapidly. When visiting Korea late last year, President Shinji Shimada said, “We welcome good players from all over Asia, including Korea. I hope Korea’s top players go to Japan and Japan’s top players come to Korea.”

Compared to baseball and soccer, basketball is a sport that has had relatively little overseas expansion. In particular, there are only a handful of cases where KBL goes to an overseas league. Whether it’s Japan’s B.League or the Philippine League, if you can go, it’s okay to go. It’s not just about KBL. There can be enough cases where you do well abroad and return home with gold.

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