Usman, a downfall. Another defeat by Edwards. Revealing the skill gap – UFC286 .

Welterweight champion Leon Edwards was champ-worthy. He looked down at Usman and relaxed the game.

Edwards made his first defense of the welterweight title by defeating former champion Usman 2-0 by decision at UFC 286 in London on the 19th.

In the middle of the 메이저사이트 first inning, Edwards’ left foot hit Usman in the stomach. For a moment, Usman hesitated. Edwards launched a left-footed head kick, but when Usman’s guard was stubborn, he attacked slightly below and succeeded.

Usman was cautious. He responded with a punch and looked like he would not ground, but attempted a takedown attack with a minute left.

It was Edwards who would have been beaten if it was the same as before, but it was not difficult to turn Usman’s attack to no avail. Edwards was the round ahead.

About two minutes into the second inning, Usman dug under Edwards. It was the first proper takedown.

It worked, but I couldn’t keep Edwards installed. Edwards got away easily and even counterattacked a takedown a minute later.

Edwards continued to harass Usman with leg kicks, body kicks and intermittent knee kicks.

In the beginning of the 3rd inning, Usman’s cool takedown came out. Edwards was pulled to the ground for a moment, but he got out without much difficulty and delivered a powerful kick.

Edwards’ leg kick was slowly eroding Usman. Still, Usman had the better offense.

In the 2nd minute of the 4th inning, Edwards kicked with his left foot and Usman hit the butt. It was slippery, but not without impact.

While falling down, Usman called for a ground fight, but was unsuccessful. Usman tried another takedown around the 4th minute, but it wasn’t perfect and Edwards easily escaped.

Edwards got a lot of points by punching his fist every time he got out.

In the 5th inning, Usman bet the match. He judged that he was losing in points, and it was a judgment to go to the submission mission.

Usman continued to hold Edwards’ leg in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd minutes, but never succeeded.

Edwards felt the form of a champion. He thought he had won, and kicked and punched Usman with a one-step ahead attack.

It was Edwards’ victory not by a stroke of luck, but by skill.

Two of the three judges scored Edwards a win 48-46 and one scored a draw 47-47.

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