‘Triple-double with Yokichi 40 points’ home win rate 87.5% Denver defeated LAC, which collapsed rapidly

Denver beat the Clippers. 

The Denver Nuggets won the 2022-2023 NBA regular season LA Clippers 134-124 at the Denver Ball Arena on the 27th (Korean time).

Denver was the team that won the match that went into overtime. With the victory, Denver’s home record was 28-4. Nikola Jokic played a perfect role with 40 points, 17 rebounds and 10 assists, Michael Porter Jr. scored 29 points and 11 rebounds, and Jamal Murray supported with 21 points.

The Clippers lost, though Kawhi Leonard scored 33 points, Paul George scored 23 points, and Russell Westbrook scored 17 points


. It was painful to see that Denver was unable to break Denver’s uptrend as it shook sharply at the beginning of the extension.

The start of the two teams showed a big difference. The Clippers didn’t solve the offense at all, and on the contrary, Denver built up points one by one with Yokichi and Porter at the fore. Denver’s offensive continued with Yokichi at the fore, and at one point it went up to 4-20. Denver, on the offensive, ended the first quarter with a 35-22 lead.

The Clippers, who started the second quarter with Norman Powell and Bonds Highland as the outer catchers, beat Denver with Westbrook’s elegant step and even scoring a quick break. However, Denver continued to explode and was hardly pushed back. Denver, whose lead was maintained by Jokic, ended the half with a score of 66-58. 

Denver, who was being chased, changed the flow again in the third quarter. Yokichi and Porter led the attack, again increasing the scoring gap to 15 points. Jokic helped Porter’s 3-pointer with an artistic pass.

The Clippers, who were driven into a crisis, took care of the situation with Leonard’s Andwon play. Then Westbrook pulled the reins by producing goals one after another. In Denver, Jokic and Porter alternately lit up and the third quarter ended with 97-88.

last 4 quarters. The Clippers led the pursuit with Mason Plumlee showing off his presence. The Clippers, who rode the momentum, followed Leonard and George to the bottom of the chin. The Clippers’ upward trend was not easily broken, and in the end, George made a turnaround by playing Andone during the rim attack.

Denver did not fall easily either. After Yokichi showed off his unique fadeaway, he even succeeded in the floater and raised the pace. The Clippers also continued a tight battle with Leonard at the forefront of the attack. Leonard and Yokichi’s showdown unfolded, and the seesaw game unfolded until the last minute.

When Denver hit with Porter’s three-point shot, the Clippers immediately responded with George’s free throw. In the end, Denver’s last attack failed, and the two teams went into an overtime match without deciding the game in the fourth quarter. 

The tense game turned sharply at the beginning of extra time. Denver succeeded in a 9-0 scoring run in an instant as Murray and Porter’s three-pointers exploded one after another. The Clippers shook sharply with George’s fatal turnover. Denver, which solidified its winning streak without any change in the remaining time, escaped from the shock of a crushing defeat against Memphis. 

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