Trade theory Choi Ji-man, but ’embarrassed’ at the team’s leading run… Possibility of returning in June ↓, decision is necessary!

‘Hot Choi’ Choi Ji-man (32, Pittsburgh Pirates) is preparing for a comeback. But he’s not in a good mood. While he was away from the team due to injury, his team rose to the top of the district. I raised my head to the possibility of trade.안전놀이터

Choi Ji-man was traded from the Tampa Bay Rays ahead of this season and moved to Pittsburgh. But he didn’t perform to his full potential. He started in 9 games this season, and he had a batting average of 0.125, 2 homers and 2 RBIs. He had a serious blowout.

To make matters worse, he was out of action due to an injury. He was placed on the 10-day disabled list with a left Achilles tendon injury after a game against the St. Louis Cardinals on April 14. He was subsequently dropped from the 40-man roster as he moved to 60-day injured Myungdon.

The clock for his comeback is running out. He’s been doing his catch, defense, and hitting drills normally lately. However, his run training was not fully developed. His rehabilitation period is a little longer than expected, and his return in mid-June is expected to be difficult.

His team, Pittsburgh, is doing well. By the 14th, he is leading the National League Central Division with a 34-31 win rate of 0.523. Junior Bae Ji-hwan also shows good performance in karate and adds strength to the team. However, Choi Ji-man, who was expected to play an active role as a ‘main gun’, is unable to reveal his presence.

The trade claim came out. Pittsburgh local newspaper ‘Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’ Pittsburgh correspondent Jason Maki said on the 3rd, “If you are looking for a team to take Choi Ji-man, you should trade.” The argument for the trade becomes persuasive with the addition of the fact that Choi Ji-man’s sluggishness and injury are getting longer, and that he will be eligible for a free agent (FA) after finishing this season.

There is no other way but to restore the best condition and show good performance. In a situation where the team is in a fierce battle for the lead, it can change the atmosphere if it shows the expected long hitting power and resurrects for sure. In the end, it must be resolved.

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