“Tottenham, that’s a crime!” Wenham slams Spence’s loan to Ligren in France

Tottenham insider John Wenham was furious when Tottenham loaned Jed Spence to the French league.

In a recent interview with먹튀검증 Football Insider, Wenham claimed that Tottenham’s failure to sign Spence on loan in the Premier League in the January transfer window was a ‘criminal’.

The 22-year-old Spence failed to impress Tottenham manager Antonio Conte during the first half of the season before being loaned out to French Ligue 1 Rennes on winter transfer deadline day.

Spence did not start for Tottenham in the first half of the season and only made cameos in the Premier League. He played only 125 minutes in 7 matches, including the league.

Wenham argued that Tottenham should have sent Spence to another Premier League club. “It was good that Tottenham sent Spence to another club for playing time, but it wasn’t enough. It should have been a Premier League loan,” he stressed.

“Spence needs to develop in the top leagues of English football. He was in the PFA Championship Team of the Year last season so we know he can do it at that level. It would have been fantastic to see him develop in England.” said.

“The reason he went there is that he will get a lot of playing time. If that’s true, that’s fair enough. But I think it’s a crime for him not to be on loan in the Premier League.”

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