Tottenham, ‘borrowed from Barcelona’ CB complete transfer rush… Transfer fee 20 billion won

This summer, in order to overcome the ‘salary cap (salary upper limit)’ problem, Barcelona, ​​which is inevitable to release players, decided on the first sales candidate. 

Barcelona is still struggling with team management due to the financial crisis that has continued since 2021. 

Barcelona, ​​which has a huge debt of about 1 billion pounds (approximately 1.6 trillion won), is eliminated from both the UEFA Champions League and Europa League this season, and all plans to earn income are blocked. 

Without additional income, 먹튀검증it is difficult to meet the salary cap even in the upcoming 2023/24 season. In order to recruit players or pay salaries, it is urgent to sell players. 

La Liga President Javier Tebas also commented on Barcelona’s current situation, saying, “There is no budget to spend in the summer transfer market. They found a way by selling broadcasting rights last summer, but that can’t be the case this summer.” Professed to be a way to obtain financial income. 

In Spain, there was even a report that Barcelona would listen to all offers for players except for some key players such as Pedri, Pablo Garvey and Ronald Araujo to overcome the problem. 

In the midst of this, a defender on loan to Tottenham was named as Barcelona’s first sale candidate. 

Spanish media Sport reported on the 30th (Korean time) that “Clement Lenglet will be Barcelona’s first sale.” 

“Barcelona need to generate record earnings for the summer salary cap,” Sport said. “The best-case scenario is to save 150 million euros (about 212.1 billion won) in player sales and wage cuts. in progress,” he said. 

“Langley left Tottenham on loan without a purchase option. The center back requested by coach Antonio Conte has performed well in the Premier League, and Tottenham are making it clear that if the player is satisfied, they can push for a transfer,” he said. He explained that he could transfer completely. 

Tottenham seem to be still interested in signing Lenglet at a relatively low price, although manager Conte, who wanted Langle, left the team. 

Regarding the transfer fee, Sport said, “The two clubs are already negotiating a transfer fee of 14 million euros (approximately 19.7 billion won). It’s hard to find,” he said. 

Attention is focusing on whether Barcelona will be able to successfully sell its first player in the summer when Barcelona’s financial crisis and Tottenham’s intention to reinforce the left-footed center back coincide. 

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