“To get closer to perfection…” Hoyoung Jeong, a strong director, is growing rapidly

 KGC Ginseng Corporation middle blocker Jung Ho-young (22) is growing rapidly under the strong whip of director Go Hee-jin.

Jeong Ho-young played a big role in the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Heungkuk Life Insurance and women’s game held at Samsan Gymnasium in Incheon on the 25th with the most 21 points in an individual game. Amid Jeong Ho-young’s performance, KGC Ginseng Corporation beat Heungkuk Life Insurance and rose to fourth place. After finishing the 4th round with 3 consecutive wins, KGC Ginseng Corporation continued its spring volleyball hopes.

On this day, Heungkuk Life Insurance was truly a ‘game of life’. Jung Ho-young almost dominated the center. Of the 21 points he scored, 18 came from offense. Heungkuk Life Insurance was helpless. The attack success rate also reached 62.07%. 21 points and 18 offensive points are Jung Ho-young’s personal records.

Coach Goh calmly evaluated Chung Ho-young at the press conference after the game. “I am not satisfied with the manager,” he said. (At Heungkuk Life Insurance) There was a part where the blocking height was rather low as Byeon Soo stood in front of Jeong Ho-young. He must not be satisfied. You have to work harder to get closer to perfection. There are times when you can’t play when you can’t. He must be kept at an appropriate level,” he said, first whipping him. 바카라

Of course, compliments were added. Coach Goh said, “I have really good physical condition. He doesn’t look like it, but he’s fairly smart. He is quick to accept. I was afraid at first, but I definitely needed Hoyoung to fight the opponent. There is a point at which points are scored when attempting a fast break. For this purpose, it has improved to set the timing to make use of the height and angle.”

Jung Ho-young was an outside hitter when he was in high school. After changing his position as a middle blocker, he improved rapidly. Jeong Ho-young said, “I thought it would be better to change positions to help the team, as I have a weak receiving ability.” Now, I am thinking that no matter how many people come, I just have to hit (the ball) from the top.”

He said, “The coach tends to reprimand more than praise during the game. It’s a story about calming down. There are times when I lose my concentration in the beginning of the game, I am accepting the coach’s words well.”

Ho-Young Jeong also took an entire season off due to a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in the opening game of the 2020-2021 season. That’s why he is happy even to play on the court. “I spent a lot of time watching the game off the court. He is happy because he has been on the court for a long time, he enjoys playing and wants to keep playing,” he smiled.

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