Three loving sons and a wife…The decisive reason Messi will not go to Saudi Arabia like Ronaldo

It seems that Messi will not go to Saudi Arabia even for his family.

France’s ‘AFP’ reported on the 9th (Korean time), “Argentine superstar Messi will sign a ‘huge’ contract in Saudi Arabia next season, sources familiar with the negotiations have revealed.”

The Saudi club is collecting world-class superstars, backed by the government’s financial capabilities. Al Nasr’s move to sign Cristiano Ronaldo in the transfer window this winter turned the world upside down. Not stopping at Ronaldo, Saudi Arabia intends to embrace Messi as well.

Al-Hilal, a famous Saudi club,메이저놀이터 offered an annual salary of 400 million euros (approximately 581.6 billion won) to bring Messi. So far, there have been reports that Messi has not rejected Al-Hilal’s offer and is putting it on the negotiating table, but this is the first time that an agreement has been reached.

In response, Jorge Messi, Messi’s father and agent, said in a statement on the 9th, “There is no contract with any club yet. A decision will never be made until Messi finishes the league with PSG.” said there was no

“There are always rumors, a lot of people use Messi’s name for fame, but there is only one truth. We can be sure there was nothing with anyone. No verbal, no signing, no agreement at the end of the season. It won’t be until,” he added.

However, even at the end of the season, there are reports that Messi will not choose to go to Saudi Arabia. The British ‘Mirror’ quoted a report by the French ‘L’Equipe’ on the 10th and said, “All the courtship for Messi may not be important. Messi’s wife, Antonelle Rocujo, does not want to move to Saudi Arabia. She has three It is reported that he is reluctant to move to a Middle Eastern country with his son and prefers to stay in Europe.”

Currently, if Messi stays in Europe, there are not many options. Returning to Barcelona is most likely. However, Barcelona are not yet financially able to bring Messi back.

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