“The team most desperately needs a shortstop, LAD” So, it’s Kim Ha-seong, what is the possibility of a deal with SD?

The speed of the San Diego Padres’ fall is unusual.

The reality of the 3rd place team in the entire payroll is miserable. If this happens, you may give up fall baseball before the All-Star break.메이저사이트

As of the 21st (hereinafter Korean time), San Diego has 20 wins and 26 losses, and is in fourth place, 8.5 games behind the LA Dodgers, who rank first in the NL West. They have 2 wins and 11 losses in 13 matches, including the last 4 losses. The NL wild card ranking is ninth, 4.5 games behind the third-place Milwaukee Brewers.

San Diego’s playoff odds, as suggested by Fan Grafs, are still high at 54.7%, but that figure is also rapidly declining.

What is the problem? The pitch imbalance is serious. The team’s ERA (4.01) is third in the NL, better than the Dodgers (4.15). He has a very stable mound.

However, the team’s batting average is 0.223, which is the lowest in both leagues as well as the NL. The average score is 3.80 points, which is 14th in the NL, and the batting average of teams in scoring position is 0.191, which is the only one in the 10% range among all 30 teams. No matter how well the pitchers block, they cannot win if they score more than 4 runs.

Without reinforcing the batting line, it is difficult to create a turnaround opportunity that fits the ‘win-now’ goal. It’s a situation where you can’t help but look into the trade market.

San Diego catcher Austin Nola’s bat hasn’t been very good this season. AFP Yonhap News
The trade deadline this year is August 1st. There are more than two months left, but San Diego, where the day is urgent, may have to use their hands right now to renew the atmosphere.

On the 20th, MLB.com predicted in an article titled ‘Teams Waiting for Trade Deadline’ that San Diego could start strengthening its catchers with weak offense. Overall, the offensive power is weak, but the catcher is the biggest problem among them, and the possibility of a trade is examined.

MLB.com said, ‘The main catcher Austin Nola’s OPS in the first 34 games of the season is only 0.471, and the pitcher’s lead and throwing ability are also in the low ranks. Backup catcher Luis Campusano is on the injured list with a thumb ligament injury, so he needs to find a catcher in the market,” he said. Still, San Diego should trade the catcher this summer,’ he insisted.

You need an offensive catcher. However, finding the catcher you want during the season is ‘picking the stars in the sky’. You have to pay the corresponding price.

Ha-sung Kim’s best friend, Manny Machado, was placed on the 10-day injured list with a microfracture in his finger. AFP Yonhap News
Ha-seong Kim often appears in trade rumors again after May. It is argued that Ha-seong Kim is worthy of attention in a team that needs a top-class infielder, especially a shortstop.

The San Diego Union-Tribune said on the 10th, ‘If the main shortstop is injured in a team competing for the playoffs, the trade value of Ha-seong Kim can be enormous. Scouts rate him as the best defensive shortstop in the Padres.’

So which team needs a shortstop the most? MLB.com singled out the Dodgers for that article.

MLB.com said, ‘The Dodgers, who lost Corey Seager and Trey Turner in the free agent market, tried to leave Gavin Lux as their starting shortstop this season, but ended the season after injuring his knee in spring training. Miguel Rojas and Chris Taylor share the shortstop, and the Dodgers shortstop OPS is 0.607, 27th out of 30 teams. Also, there is nothing special about their defense,” and predicted, “They will try to find a shortstop in the market.”

With the signing of Xander Bogarts before the season, we have no choice but to think of Ha-seong Kim, who was pushed to second base after being evaluated as a ‘surplus shortstop’.

If San Diego is willing to put Kim Ha-seong on the market to improve offense, there is no team like the Dodgers in trade negotiations. It would be nice if the Dodgers gave out an offensive catcher, but for Ha-seong Kim, he can meet San Diego’s request with another card. It’s a possibility, but it depends on how much the Dodgers see Ha-sung Kim’s value.

Manny Machado is on the injured list with a finger fracture, and Kim Ha-seong has been watching third base since the 17th. However, if Machado returns on the 27th, it is highly likely that trade rumors will circulate again as he returns to second base, his main job.

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