“The slider worked well”, Lee Dong-hyun praised ‘unknown pitcher’ Saksu is visible

“It worked better than I thought?”

It has been three years since he transformed into a pitcher, and he has only pitched in two games in the first-team regular league, but Choi Ji-gang (22) of the Doosan Bears is growing rapidly. Based on his powerful weapon called the slider, he is growing his dream of remaining in the first team.

There is still an unfamiliar part of the토토사이트pitcher. While attending Dongseong High School, he mainly played at third base, but was rejected by professional teams in the rookie draft and went on to Gangneung Yeongdong University. The reason why he chose a two-year college was to re-challenge as a pro in advance.

He also attempted a drastic transformation to take one step closer to his professional dream. The pitcher I wanted to be since I was young fit my aptitude better than I thought. As a sidearm pitcher, he has a fast ball with a maximum speed of 140 km per hour, and a ball that curves in a large trajectory was enough to intimidate batters.

He was finally nominated as a pro in the 2020 rookie draft, but he was ‘incomplete’. He was barely able to join Doosan as a foster player. Last year he played just two games for the first team, giving up four runs in 1⅔ innings.

After his bitter first season experience, he shed a lot of sweat during spring training. On the 20th, he made his first appearance in his demonstration game at the KT Wiz expedition. He took the mound in the bottom of the 7th inning with his team trailing 2-7 and delivered an impressive pitch. He pitched aggressively, ending the inning with a three-way exit after just nine pitches. On the mound in the 8th inning, he struck out Kim Jun-tae on a swing. He was hit by pinch hitter Kang Baek-ho and gave a hit to Shin Bon-gi, then passed the ball to Ko Bong-jae and came down.

As a right-handed three-quarter type, he throws a variable ball all over the zone. Against Anthony Alford, who had hit a grand slam in all at-bats, he threw the ball up to 146 km/h and played a fast ball match, and then induced a third baseman ground ball with a falling slider. He struck out on a swing.

SBS Sports commentator Lee Dong-hyun, who watched his pitching closely, said, “The power to press the ball seems good. It’s not easy to have this kind of control when pitching from a fielder.” It has the advantage of being able to pitch balls and manned pitches.”

Choi Ji-gang, who met with Star News the next day before the game, said, “I throw the slider confidently depending on the situation.” smiled.

Another thing commentator Lee Dong-hyun paid attention to was the concise pitching form. He said, “I didn’t have a pretty form when I was a player, but the fact that a player who has just turned into a pitcher has a clean pitching form and a good breaking ball means that there is great potential for development.”

However, when he is on the mound, he tries to get rid of his thoughts. Choi Ji-gang said, “I think of throwing it with all my strength into the catcher’s mitt as simply as possible.” do”

There are still many things that are unfamiliar and lacking as a pitcher. He spares no effort to make up for it. As a result, he feels that he has grown even more. Choi Ji-gang said, “I do a lot of image training. I lie down before bed and what to do in certain situations. I think about that and it really helps on the mound.” It seems different this year. I feel comfortable. I seem to have adapted well since the spring camp.”

Commentator Lee said, “If these players add more strength and give more movement to the fast ball, they become really scary pitchers.” The pitcher,” he said, expressing his expectations.

You know this better than anyone. In order to put more strength on the ball, he is also working hard on weight management. His weight, which was 89 kg at the start of last season, was down to 84 kg at the end of the season. I am making a special effort to maintain an appropriate weight.

“I’m on the skinny side, so I ate a lot during the off-season and did a lot of weight. I weigh 91kg now, and I hope it’s at this level even in the summer,” he said. “At home, I eat 5 meals a day and take supplements. N: I haven’t done it this far, but this time I feel the need, so I’m trying it.”

The immediate goal is to survive the opening entry. Choi Ji-kang said, “I want to decide that point for now.”

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