The sense of intimidation given by the number 190, now 10+ points are basic… For Jeong Ho-young, MB was the perfect suit 

For Jeong Ho-young, MB was the perfect suit.

In 2020, KGC Ginseng Corporation Jeong Ho-young tried to change his position from outside heater to middle blocker. The 2020-21 season was cut short by injury, and the 2021-22 season was his first season on the pitch after switching positions.

And he has firmly established himself as a middle blocker in the 2022-23 season. Jeong Ho-young played 21 games before the match against Pepper Savings Bank held at home on the 19th, recording 179 points, 51.43% fast break success rate, and 0.524 blocks per set, establishing himself as the KGC Ginseng Corporation’s main middle blocker. He is currently ranked 3rd in fast break and 9th in blocking.

He has scored in double digits in six of his last 10 games. In particular, in the game against GS Caltex on the 9th, he scored 18 points, the most in an individual game. Jeong Ho-young is already having a career high season, surpassing the record for the most points scored in an individual season.

In the Pepper Savings Bank exhibition, Jeong Ho-young shone. The central Pepper Savings Bank was rather weak. Seo Chae-won is 181cm and Choi Ga-eun is 184cm. He was pushed back by Jung Ho-young, who boasts a height of 190 cm. Jeong Ho-young did not miss this gap and showed perfect harmony with Yeom Hye-sun. 카지노사이트

She also blocked Lee Han-bi’s attacks consecutively in the fourth set 7-5, a score that completely broke the opponent’s will to pursue. Jung Ho-young blocked Lee Han-bi’s attack again in 9-6. Effective blocking was also the highest among both teams.

Jeong Ho-young smiled broadly, recording 17 points, including 4 blocks and 1 serve. Jeong Ho-young scored evenly in each set: 2 points in the 1st set, 6 points in the 2nd set, 5 points in the 3rd set, and 4 points in the 4th set.

KGC Ginseng Corporation defeated Pepper Savings Bank 3-1 and escaped from 4 consecutive losses, reducing the gap with Korea Expressway Corporation in 3rd place to 3 points with the first win in 2023.

After the game, Lee Kyung-soo, acting manager of Pepper Savings Bank, said, “I think Ho-young Jeong didn’t allow many offensive goals.”

Director Koh Hee-jin said, “I said that. He told me not to be satisfied with ‘it got better’. I want to hear ‘Hoyeong is the best’. I would love to hear such a story. I wish the players were more greedy. Only then can he lead with enthusiasm. Hoyeong is obviously greedy. It’s fun to see him getting better. He thinks he can do better. I hope he runs for the best in Korea.”

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