The Japanese monster that has not been seen for 2 weeks… If you said “no problem”, why was the comeback postponed again?

“There is no problem with blisters. It’s okay.”

Rocky Sasaki of the Chiba Lotte Marines started in the home match against the Softbank Hawks held at ZOZO Marine Stadium on the 5th (hereinafter Korean time) and pitched for 5 innings. 89 pitches, 1 walk, 12 strikeouts, no runs allowed.메이저사이트

At that time, Sasaki showed a ‘no hit’ pitching for 5 innings against Softbank’s hard hitting line in poor conditions with a tremendous strong wind of 17m per second. Although the weather was bad, Sasaki had plenty of pitches, and he had an overwhelming pitch, so he had no reason not to get on the mound in the 6th inning. However, Sasaki’s figure was nowhere to be found. The reason was ‘blisters’.

Sasaki has nightmares about blisters. Last year, he met a reef called ‘blister’ while running at a tremendous pace at the beginning of the season, such as achieving a ‘perfect game’. At the time, Sasaki had a month-long hiatus, including the All-Star break, due to blisters, and returned to the first team mound in the second half, but did not show off the performance as well as the first half.

The situation was similar this time. Originally, after the game, manager Yoshii Masato said, “I got a blister in a similar place to last year. It needs time to grow again. For now, I will observe the situation for about 3 days.”

But the nightmare repeated itself. Sasaki has yet to return to the mound. According to the Japanese revenge media, a return to the Orix Buffaloes on the 16th and 18th seemed likely, but Sasaki could not be found. In addition, his return match against Rakuten Golden Eagles on the 21st, when his start was confirmed, was also canceled.

According to multiple media outlets such as Japan’s ‘Sponichi Annex’, director Yoshii said of Sasaki’s symptoms of blisters, “There is no problem with blisters. It’s okay.” Then, what is the reason for the delay on the 21st? The command tower said, “Compared to last year’s poor condition, it seemed possible to start on the 21st,” but this time, ‘sky’ did not allow Sasaki to start.

As the match between Chiba Lotte and Rakuten was not held due to rain on the 19th, Sasaki’s start was naturally delayed, and since the start schedule was messed up anyway, manager Yoshii and the Chiba Lotte coaching staff decided to postpone Sasaki’s start for a week. did. Instead of taking the mound on the 21st, Sasaki started pitching in the bullpen on the 20th.

Director Yoshii said, “First, I will pitch one more time just in case.” “Second, there was an opinion that the symptoms of blisters would improve as the trainers rested.” It feels the same,” he said. In the end, he decided to postpone the pitching in case the blisters recurred or worsened in a situation where he was not fully healed. Therefore, Sasaki’s return against the Softbank Hawks was finally confirmed on the 28th.

Sasaki’s name disappeared from various index rankings due to his hiatus. However, compared to players who filled the required innings, the average ERA (Sasaki 0.84, 1st place Hayakawa Takahiro 1.41) is overwhelmingly ranked 1st, and the strikeout rate is also only 2 different from the 1st place (Taneichi Atsuki 52). 2nd place.

Sasaki had a one-month hiatus due to an injury last year, and was unable to compete for various titles or the Sawamura Award. However, if you don’t fall out anymore after this breakaway, it’s worth aiming for the title this year. Can this year produce different results than last year?

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