The first appearance in Portuguese soccer field history, what is the ‘white card’?

“What is a white card from a Portuguese football match?”

The first white card in world football history appeared at a Portuguese soccer stadium.

A yellow card meaning warning and a red card meaning sending off are all too familiar to football fans around the world, but the ‘white card’ is no stranger to it. A scene so strange that the referee thought it was wrong actually came out at the Portuguese stadium.

Referee Katarina Campos pulled out a white card in the quarter-final match between Sporting Lisbon and Benfica at the Portuguese Women’s Cup last weekend at the Estadio da Luz in Lisbon. The ‘white card’ is a card that can be used according to the referee’s authority at the time it is deemed necessary to encourage fair play. 헤라카지노

The aid began in 2014 when former president of the European Football Federation (UEFA) Michel Platini suggested that ‘let’s introduce a white card system in which players who protest excessively during a game are temporarily sent to the bench for 10 minutes’, but UEFA or FIFA The board did not accept this. The reason and purpose of the white card that the Portuguese Football Association was in full swing on this day was different.

In the 44th minute, when Benfica was leading 3-0, someone on the bench collapsed in pain, and medical staff from both teams quickly ran to the rescue, and the referee pulled out a white card towards the medical staff and fans from both teams. It is the first time that a white card designed to recognize and encourage fair play has been used in a stadium with the intention of ‘enhancing the ethical values ​​of sports’. Fans cheered and applauded the sport’s ‘fair play spirit’ and enthusiastically responded.On the other hand, a whopping 15,032 spectators gathered at the match where Benfica, the first round of Portuguese women’s football, won 5-0, and rewrote the record for the largest number of spectators in Portuguese women’s football history.

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