The 8th day after the earthquake… Families of desperate burials

This time, we will go to the earthquake site in Turkiye.

A week has passed since the earthquake occurred.

We connect with a material correspondent to hear what the local situation is like.

Material Type Correspondent Where are you now?


Yes, I am in Kahramanmaras, which was one of the epicenters of this earthquake.

It’s already been a week since the earthquake.

I’m at one of the hospitals in the city바카라사이트.

Ambulances, which had been busily coming and going since the earthquake, are no longer in sight.

According to a volunteer here, there were many ambulances carrying the injured for three to three days after the earthquake, but now there are very few.

It means that as time goes by, there are fewer and fewer survivors among the buried.

On the other hand, other hospitals and playgrounds that enshrine the dead are gradually reaching saturation.


The situation seems to be getting worse, but is the rescue operation still going on?


Yes, it is.

It was less than Antakya, where the whole city was hit, but the situation was just as bad here.

Rescuers seemed to be in the middle of last-minute rescue operations, thinking that they shouldn’t be late any longer.

Yesterday, I visited the site of a large-scale apartment collapse near here.

It was a place where 12 apartments were completely collapsed.

It is said that only 2,000 people are expected to be buried here.

Near the site, family and friends could be seen anxiously waiting for the buried.

Our reporters met in person.

Let’s listen to the story for a moment

<The Buried Family> “My brother is still alive. He is alive. He is waiting under a pile of stones and sand.”

As time goes by, the number of casualties increases, and the number of deaths in Turkiye alone has reached 30,000 so far.

Now, it is a miraculous situation that the buried person survives, but it is a Yonhap News TV material type in Turkiye Karamanmarash so far, hoping that the miracle will continue.

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