Thanks to KBO changed rules… The return of the home run king was delayed by 2 days, fortunately in KT’s misfortune

For KT, it is fortunate among misfortunes. Park Byung-ho (37), who left due to a hamstring injury, returned two days earlier. This is because the rules have changed since this year. 

Park Byeong-ho안전놀이터 will be registered as a first-team entry in time for the Suwon NC game on the 10th. He is only 8 days after being expunged from the entry in the last 2 days. According to KBO regulations, players whose entries have been canceled can only be re-registered for the first team after 10 days. Originally, Park Byeong-ho should also be registered from the 12th. 

However, the rules changed from this year hastened Park Byung-ho’s return. KBO decided to retroactively apply the registration date for the injured list through the second board meeting in 2023 in March. 

In the existing regulations, the entry cancellation date was the starting date of the injured list, but it was amended so that the entry cancellation can be postponed for up to 3 days from the day after the player’s last game trip so that the player can be listed after observing the progress of the player’s injury. After that, it was decided to retroactively apply the start date of roster registration to the day after the last business trip if it is listed on the list. It’s a Major League-style injured list operation. 

Park Byeong-ho’s entry was canceled on the 2nd, but the last time he played was against Suwon Samsung on the 29th of last month. On this day, he suffered left hamstring pain while running to first base in the process of going to base with an infield hit on third base in the 7th inning and was replaced. 

The next day, on the 30th, against Samsung, Park Byeong-ho was absent while remaining in the entry. Because it was a holiday on Sunday, it was difficult to get a hospital checkup, and it was impossible to hastily cancel the entry in a situation where the exact condition was not known. 

Park Byeong-ho had an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan on Monday, the 1st, and was initially diagnosed with a need for 3 weeks of treatment. However, this was an opinion made only by looking at the filmed copy, and as a result of face-to-face treatment, it was diagnosed that he would recover after taking a week off. 

As a result, Park Byeong-ho was able to register for the first team entry 8 days after the entry was canceled, as the date of registration on the injured list was retroactively applied. Due to the changed rules, it was possible to return two days earlier. 

KT manager Lee Kang-cheol said, “Due to the retroactive list rule, Park Byeong-ho can be registered on Wednesday (10th). (During the Daejeon Expedition) He can hit the bat and is said to be in good shape. Park Byeong-ho should be in the batting line because the bat is not hitting. He is fortunate to be able to come quickly, even if it is a few days.” 

KT, who had line injuries regardless of pitching, fell to the bottom of the 10th place as soon as he broke his 9-game losing streak, he suffered another 3-game losing streak. In a difficult situation in every game, Park’s faster-than-expected return is expected to give vitality to the stagnant lineup. Park Byeong-ho, who successfully revived last year by becoming the home run king (35), recorded a batting average of .269 (21 hits in 78 at-bats), 2 home runs, 14 RBIs, and an OPS of .696 in 22 games before his injury.

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