“Taiwan club, Kang Ri-ho (Kang Yun-goo) should pay attention” Just a ‘complaint’

 Kang Ri-ho, who is wrestling with a free agent contract with the Lotte Giants, expressed his position, and the Taiwanese media gave a positive evaluation스포츠토토 .

Previously, Kang Ri-ho (renamed Kang Yoon-gu) said in an interview with a domestic media outlet on the 2nd, “I failed to sign contracts with all 10 KBO clubs.” said.

In response, on the afternoon of the 3rd, Taiwanese local media Free Time reported on Kang Ri-ho, “A 32-year-old left-handed pitcher who throws a fastball with a maximum speed of 147km and an average speed of 140.2km in the KBO League. It has been reported that they are currently trying to enter the Taiwan League.”

He continued, “Taiwan clubs should keep an eye on Kang Li-ho. He is not a young pitcher, but he is classified as a veteran pitcher.”

However, Kang Ri-ho, the party involved, is complaining of injustice.

After the interview article with the domestic media went out, he said on his personal SNS the same evening, “I interviewed while sleeping today, but I really decided to make myself a bad person and wrote it.” I have been silent until now, but now I am an independent and there is no club to control me.”

Next, Kang Ri-ho appealed, “I want to express my exact position on the article. I think it would be better to clearly express my position with my face and mouth at 9:00 pm on the 3rd.”

Kang Ri-ho joined the pro in 2009 after being nominated by the Seoul Heroes (now Kiwoom). After that, he went through NC Dinos and Lotte Giants.

Last season was a very important season for Kang Ri-ho’s free agency. However, he only had a 5.48 ERA with 27 strikeouts in 29 games and 21.1 innings.

Despite being in the FA C grade, there is no club looking for Kang Ri-ho so far, so he is having a colder off-season than anyone else.

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