‘Standing as a KLPGA Star’ Bang Shin-sil “It’s amazing like being a celebrity”

“There are so many people who recognize me and support me, so I’m amazed and thankful. She feels like a celebrity.”

When asked if Bang Sin-sil (19), a 19-year-old girl with a long shot of 300 yards, felt the recent growth in popularity, she said this and laughed bashfully. 스포츠토토

Bang Shin-sil reduced 2 strokes in the final 3rd round of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour E1 Charity Open (total prize money of 900 million won) held at Seongmunan Country Club (par 72) in Wonju-si, Gangwon-do on the 28th to win the championship with a final total of 9 under par 207 strokes. occupied

She recently played three champion group matches in one month, and Bang Sin-sil, who won the KLPGA Tour after only her 5th tournament, is currently the player receiving the most attention. Many fans are giving great support to her room, which energized the KLPGA Tour, which was in a lull, with her long hitting power that reached 300 yards. Quite a few galleries visit the venue to see the room.

Bang Shin-sil, who has emerged as a ‘super rookie’, said in an interview after winning the championship that day, “I had a lot of regrets because I unfortunately missed the championship in the champion group of the last two tournaments, but it was a good experience and I was able to win.”

He said, “Today, rather than playing aggressively, I chose to keep the fairway safely. When I hit a tee shot, I caught more 3-woods than drivers.” Two weeks ago, she took the lead by one stroke until the 16th hole in the final 3rd round of the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship, but then missed the championship by making a driver tee shot out of bounds (OB) at the 17th hole. Bang Shin-sil added, “We attacked based on previous mistakes.”

On this day, it must have been difficult to play because it rained all day, but he explained, “The fairway was damp, so the tee shot distance was less, but the green was softer, so it was easy to attack with a middle iron.”

Bang Shin-sil, who used to be an ace of the national team but only ranked 40th in the KLPGA tour seeding match last year and was a conditional seed, said, “My friends and older sisters who played the national team with me were all on the regular tour, but I had a lot of trouble being apart. But right now, I’m so happy and it’s like a dream,” he smiled shyly.

Bang Sin-sil, who said that there were times when he played matches all week because he had to do the Dream Tour (part 2), laughed, saying, “I’m glad that those worries are gone now.”

Even when he played for the national team, he hit an average driver shot of 235m and was on the long hitter side, but Bang Shin-sil, who said he increased his distance by nearly 20m through winter training, cited swing speed training for two and a half months as the secret to long hitting. He said, “I practiced a lot of empty swings, swinging hard using swing tools for an hour and a half in the morning, lunch, and evening. Thanks to that, my swing speed has increased significantly.”

However, he insisted that accuracy should be increased rather than increased distance. He said, “I am a long hitter, so the fairway hit rate is low, so the most important task is to improve the accuracy of the tee shot.”

Bang Shin-sil interviewing the winner (Photo = provided by KLPGA)
Bang Sin-sil picked the 16th hole (par 5) as the decisive match for the championship. Bang Shin-sil, who was in the lead by one stroke, went over the green slightly with her second shot aiming for a two-on, but with a running approach shot, she put the ball 80cm from the pin and made a birdie to run away to the lead by two strokes.

Bang Shin-sil, who received the prize money of 162 million won, said, “You must have waited a lot for this moment because you suffered more than I did last year. said.

With this win, Bang Shin-sil, who ranked 3rd in the Rookie of the Year rankings and ignited a full-fledged Rookie of the Year competition, said, “There are so many players who are so good at it, I put down my desire to be a rookie, and my goal is to consistently rank in the top 10.”

However, he added his wish to win the KB Financial Star Championship, a major tournament hosted by the main sponsor.

He also said that Ko Jin-young (28), who is currently ranked No. 1 in the world, is his role model and said, “I want to learn a strong mentality and sincerity, and my goal is to become the world’s No. 1.”

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