South Korea falls to USA in full-set thriller after losing ‘5-10+’ decisive points [Women’s U19]

Evenly matched in scoring and serving, evenly matched in height, but lost in decisiveness.온라인카지노

The Korea Women’s U19 National Team, led by head coach Jang Yoon-hee, lost their first qualification match against the United States in Group D of the FIVB World Women’s Volleyball Championship 2023 by a set score of 2-3 (21-25, 25-19, 21-25, 25-23, 10-15) on Sunday in Osijek, Croatia.

Korea started with its best members in the starting lineup. Kim Da-eun (Mokpo Women’s College 2, 179 cm) was the setter and outside hitters Kwak Sun-ok (Ilshin Women’s College 3, 179 cm) and Lee Ju-ah (Mokpo Women’s College 2, 182 cm). Kim Se-bin (Hanbom High School 3, 188 cm), Lee Ji-yoon (Jungang Girls’ High School 1, 188 cm), Apojit Shin (Sunmyeong Girls’ High School 3, 176 cm) at middle blocker and Yoo Gar-ram (Jecheon Girls’ High School 3, 168 cm) at libero took the court first.

They succeeded in taking the early lead in every set. They were evenly matched in height at 13-14 against the Americans, who average 190 centimeters. On serve, she led 10-9.

Shin Eun-ji had 17 points including five service aces, Lee Ju-ah 14, Kim Se-bin 13, Lee Ji-yoon 11, and Kwak Sun-ok 10, but they lacked decisiveness. They were outscored 49-63 in attack points. They were unable to keep the momentum until the end and when they did, it was a big collapse.

The match started with Kwak Sun-ok’s serve, and soon after, Lee Ji-yoon blocked the American attack to take the lead. Kim Se-bin followed with a service ace to give Korea a 3-1 lead. The lead was short-lived, however. The U.S. scored back-to-back points, starting with a service point, to tie the score at 4-5.

Korea and the U.S. went back and forth in a back-and-forth battle. Lee’s block made it 12-10, but the U.S. responded with a kill of their own to tie the score at 14-14.

After exchanging points, Shin Eun-ji’s attack was blocked by the USA, giving them the lead at 17-18. The U.S. reached the 20th point first, and the U.S. took the lead in the second half of the set. At 19-21, South Korea immediately called a timeout.

However, the USA blocked the attack again and the gap widened to 19-22. The Koreans were unable to close the gap and lost the first set 21-25.

In the second set, Korea took an early 3-1 lead with a service ace from Shin Eun-ji. Similar to the first set, the teams exchanged the lead again. Taking advantage of a positional error on the American court, Korea extended their lead to 10-6, forcing a timeout from their opponents.

In the next long rally, Korea closed out three straight points to extend the score to 13-6, more than a double-digit lead. The flow was perfect. The USA called another timeout, but Korea responded with a block to extend the lead to 15-6.

The U.S. managed to score for the first time in a long time with a fast break, but it was hard to get back-to-back points. Korea, with the height advantage, made it 20-11 with a block by Shin Eun-ji.

There was a crisis. Back-to-back blocks brought the score to 20-15. Korea responded with a block by Kim Da-eun to take a 23-17 lead and a 24-17 set point with an open attack by Kwak Sun-ok. Kwak saved the final point to give Korea the set, 1-1, and the match.

Back-to-back U.S. errors made it 2-0 at the start of the third set, and Korea responded with back-to-back attack points to go up 4-0. Lee Ji-yoon added another point with a service ace to make it 6-1 and force a USA timeout.

Korea was stuck at nine points. At 9-6, the U.S. came alive and scored back-to-back points, and a shaky Korean reception brought the score to 9-14. A hasty substitution of Jung Soo-ji for Lee Ju-ah brought a hard-fought point, making it 10-14.

At 11-18, Korea switched setters from Kim Da-eun to Park Soo-bin (Pohang Girls’ High School 3, 176 cm) as the gap was not closing easily. Shin’s service ace made it 14-19, and Korea’s relentless pursuit brought the score to 18-20. Unfortunately, the comeback was elusive. In the second half of the set, the Americans again took the lead. Kwak Sun-ok’s attack was blocked, giving the USA set point at 19-24. A US attack in the paint ended the third set, 21-25.

In the fourth set, Korea again took the lead early in the set. Shin Eun-ji’s serve made it 5-2. The three-point gap lasted for a long time before Korea regained control with their serve, and Kwak Sun-ok’s service ace made it 12-7. A block by Lee Ji-yoon made it 13-7.

Korea was unable to maintain their early lead. The Koreans had a hitting error, and the Americans scored a block to tie the score at 15-15. Eventually, a service ace gave them the lead at 16-17. However, they didn’t collapse like they did in the last set. They regained the lead and extended it to 22-18 to take control of the set. Korea took the fourth set 25-23 and pushed the match to a fifth set.

In the fifth set, Korea took the lead after a block by Lee Ju-ah. Shin Eun-ji followed with back-to-back service points to make it 4-2. However, the USA responded with a service ace to make it 4-5.

A timeout was called to stem the tide, but it wasn’t enough. Shin Eun-ji’s attack error was followed by a Kim Se-bin volley that was blocked to make it 4-7. The three-point gap widened. Korea made it 7-11 with back-to-back errors and 7-12 with a USA counterattack. At 8-14, the USA had match point, but Korea scored two consecutive points and lost the set 10-15.

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