‘Shock report’ Holland regrets transfer to Manchester City…even rumors of discord with Pep

Last summer’s transfer market, it was reported that Elling Haaland, who moved to Manchester City, is regretting his choice.

Spain’s ‘El Nacional’ said on the 9th (Korean time), “Holland is not satisfied with his life at Man City and wants to leave the team after one season. Haaland is questioning whether moving to Man City was the best decision. .According to further information, his relationship with manager Pep Guardiola has begun to fall apart.”

Haaland is a striker who entered먹튀검증 Manchester City of the English Premier League (EPL) in the transfer window this summer. Along with Kylian Mbappe, he is performing tremendously to the point of being predicted as a candidate for the next Ballon d’Or.

Holland didn’t need an EPL adaptation period. He now has 25 goals and 3 assists in 20 league appearances from his first season. Since he is far ahead of Harry Kane (17 goals), second in scoring, and Ivan Tommy (13 goals), third, he is considered a strong candidate for the top scorer even though the season is only half over. There is even speculation that Haaland will break the EPL record for most goals this season.

After racking up so many goals so far, it looks like Haaland will be happy at Manchester City, but according to ‘El Nacional’ reports, Haaland is said to be regretting his decision to join Manchester City. Manchester City have recently seen a feud between several teammates and manager Pep, including the departure of João Cancelo to Bayern Munich along with the Financial Fair Play (FFP) controversy.

From the beginning, there were also opinions that Haaland’s style did not fit with Pep. Former Manchester City player Dietmar Harman claimed on ‘Talk Sports’ that “he’s a player Pep never wanted. I didn’t think he would move to Manchester City.”

Haaland also doesn’t consider Manchester City his last club. He is pursuing growth at Man City, identical to his previous move to Borussia Dortmund.

Still, it’s next to impossible for him to leave the team after one year. England’s ‘Four Four Two’ said: “Despite struggling to adapt to Pep’s style, Haaland’s output is still phenomenal. Manchester City will not want to lose their best player in one year.”

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