Seven years ago, Miracle Champ was part 2… Leicester City relegation ‘cruel fairy tale’

They changed managers three times. In fact, only one player was recruited after last season. The parent company was shaken and the club was complacent. I couldn’t sell or use a player whose contract was about to expire. The total annual salary was in the middle of the English Premier League, but the report card was demoted. Leicester City, who wrote a fairytale-like winning story, heard the sarcasm of “the second division team with the most expensive ransom” after 7 years.메이저놀이터

Leicester City, who won the 2015-2016 EPL by surprise, was relegated to the second division after 7 years. Leicester City won 2-1 in the final round of the 38th round of the 2022-2023 season against West Ham on the 29th, but ended up in 18th place (9 wins, 7 draws, 22 losses). In the EPL, three teams ranked 18th to 20th fall to the second division (championship). Leicester City, which was promoted to the second division in 2009, went up to the EPL in 2014 and won the league the following season, but fell into abyss.

Leicester City’s relegation stemmed from a lack of finances due to management difficulties at the parent company and a long-standing failure to manage the squad. Leicester City’s owner is King Power, a duty-free shop operator. The BBC said, “The duty-free business has been extremely sluggish as the airline industry has been suspended due to Corona 19.”

The management of the team has also failed greatly this season. It was a mess from the supply of players. Most of the players Brendan Rodgers asked the club to buy right after last season were not recruited. The BBC said, “It was a big deal that captain and leader Kasper Schmeichel (goalkeeper) left the team when he was denied a multi-year contract.” Leicester City has conceded a whopping 68 goals (38 matches). Even though he scored 51 goals, his relegation to the second division was due to poor defense. He also missed the timing of the manager change. Rogers, who had been sluggish throughout the season, was sacked only in April with only eight games left.

If it falls into part 2, it will be a big hit. Income is reduced by almost one-third. There are seven players whose contracts expire in June. If I had sold it last season, I would have received a transfer fee, but now I have to give it away for free. I am worried about how to sell the 8 people who have only one year left on their contracts. Leicester City’s salary is the highest except for the EPL Big 6. Sports finance expert Kieran Maguire said, “Leicester City will be the most expensive team ever to be relegated to the second division.”

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