Seongnam City Hall ice coach ‘no successful candidates’

Viktor Ahn, etc. 7 people applied for the open recruitment of Seongnam City Hall’s skating team coaching position, but ended without a final successful candidate amid controversy.

Previously, Choi Min-jung even posted an entrance statement.

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A total of 7 people applied for the Seongnam City Hall’s ice team coach recruitment process, which included a large number of short track team athletes such as Choi Min-jung, Lee Jun-seo, and Kim Gun-hee.

Among them, coach Kim Seon-tae and Victor Ahn, who led the Chinese short-track speed skating team at the Beijing Olympics, were included, drawing more attention. 안전놀이터

Last night, one day before the announcement of the final successful applicants, Ace Choi Min-jung posted a post on social media.

“The selection process must be fair and transparent” and “a coach with excellent capabilities and can communicate must come,” but as it became known that Victor Ahn and former coach Kim Seon-tae had not made it to the finalists the day before, the players were concerned about the elimination of the two leaders. There was speculation that it might have been a reaction.

When a heated argument broke out among the fans, Choi Min-jung explained that the entrance statement was “the entrance statement submitted to Seongnam City on January 9, three days before the interview,” and that social issues were more important than leader virtues in the coach recruitment process, so she had courage from regret.

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