Samsung Kang Min-ho “The three senior musketeers will do their best. Let’s go to the ranking fight”

Kang Min-ho (38) of the Samsung Lions, who used to be a ‘helper’, takes on the role of a ‘fixer’.

Kang Min-ho recently asked Jae-il Oh and Hyun-jun Kim to “deposit (lesson fees).” 

Oh Jae-il, who was at the bottom of the batting average, had a home run and four hits in two consecutive years against the Lotte Giants in Daegu on the 10th. Kang Min-ho put a toss bet to Oh Jae-il, who was in personal training before the game. Kim Hyun-joon also laughed, saying, “Thanks to (Kang) Min-ho’s advice, I got good results.” Kim Hyun-jun drove 5 hits (1 home run) and 5 RBIs in 8 at-bats in the game against Lotte on the 10th and 11th. 먹튀검증

Kang Min-ho joked, “I watch my juniors closely and talk about them” and “They don’t pay.” 

On the 11th, Kang Min-ho felt the thrill of his first home run in 14 years against his former team, the Lotte Giants. At the end of the 10th inning, with the score at 4-4, he hit a two-run home run that went over the wall with 2 out and 3 base. Coincidentally, this is the first run-off home run in 14 years since the KIA Tigers game on June 19, 2009, when he was a member of Lotte. He said, “There were quite a few hits to finish (2018), but it was the first home run to finish after moving to Samsung.” I did it, but it was done,” he said happily.

Kang Min-ho is still the center of the team. As a master of the home with a heavy burden on his physical strength, he not only leads the mound, but also serves as the 4th hitter. Out of the 56 games Samsung played this season, Kang Min-ho started as the 4th hitter in 36 games. He also has the best performance on the team, ranking first in batting average (0.305), first in home runs (8) and first in RBIs (33). Even stolen bases are 4, the third most after Kim Ji-chan (7) and Koo Ja-wook (5). 

Samsung’s team atmosphere has slowed down a bit lately. The first team hitting coach Park Han-yi went down to the second team, and coach Tachibana was promoted to the first team hitting main coach. Before meeting Lotte, there was only one winning series in five consecutive matches. 

Kang Min-ho said, “(Oh) Jae-il and Jose Pirella are really working hard. There are still many games left. It’s more important in the future.” I will do my best so that I can get involved in the ranking battle.” Pirella, Kang Min-ho, and Oh Jae-il form the 3rd to 5th batting line for Samsung. 

Kang Min-ho said, “A lot of fans came to visit us during the three-game series over the weekend. I was standing at second base during Lotte’s pitcher change, and I was moved by the cheers of the crowd. ‘There are so many fans who love baseball. I want to do better.'” I think the atmosphere in the team will rise even more as we win by finishing.” 

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