Salary cut by 47.3% Men’s wild morning → 6:30 whirlpool → 7:20 departure → 7:40 Tibetting & weight → “It’s refreshing” 

It’s refreshing.”

2022 was a year full of sluggishness and bad luck for KT’s leading hitter Kang Baek-ho. In 62 games he played, he had a batting average of 0.245, 6 home runs and 29 RBI. Kang Baek-ho boasts a career batting average of 0.317, 87 home runs, and 369 RBIs. Even in the 2023 salary negotiations, it was decided at 290 million won, a 47.3% cut from 550 million won after labor.

So, for Kang Baek-ho, this year’s spring camp is bound to be different. On the 12th (hereinafter Korean time), KT’s spring camp magazine said at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA, “Very good. best of 6 years Hitting and body condition. A good feeling comes quickly.”

These days, Kang Baek-ho is trying to improve his hitting feeling as he enters the batter’s box during live pitching by KT pitchers. “When I see a ball after a long time, even 130km feels fast. It is important for him to adapt a lot in advance. He has to take good care of his body.”

While staying in Tucson, I developed a good morning routine. Kang Baek-ho said, “The baseball field starts at 8 o’clock, but it happens around 6 o’clock.” He added, “At 6:30, we do a hot water whirlpool. He leaves with the staff at 7:20, tee-bats at 7:40 and also does weight training. Then you can start regular training together. It’s refreshing,” he said.

It has the effect of using time well and making preparations more thorough. To keep this routine, you have to go to bed early even in the evening. go to bed at 22 In Tucson, which has a 16-hour time difference with Korea, Baekho Kang explained that he fell asleep quickly and naturally adjusted to the jet lag because of the amount of training. In addition, his weight has come down below 100kg, and he plans to keep double digits this time even though he tends to eat a lot to generate energy during the season.

Hitting should also change, of course바카라사이트. Over the past two years, he has not escaped criticism that his long hitting power has declined. So Kang Baek-ho concluded that the hitting point came forward through analysis and feedback with the data team. It is often said that in order to hit a long hit, you have to put the point in front, but Kang Baek-ho thinks the opposite.

Kang Baek-ho said, “I have to hit from behind to protect my strike zone, and I can produce barrel hits and in-play hits. If you hit from the front, the start has to be fast, so you have less time to check the ball and the miss rate goes up. I’m trying to protect my zone.”

Of course, it is a very subtle difference that cannot be confirmed with the naked eye. However, adjusting the hit point is not as easy as it sounds. Kang Baek-ho said, “It’s a change for a stronger hitting ball and a straight hit rather than a long hit.” At the WBC in March, we can gauge whether the transformation was successful.

Kang Baek-ho is highly likely to be the main designated hitter in the WBC. With Choi Ji-man (Tampa Bay Rays) failing to qualify for the national team, there is a possibility that Kang Baek-ho’s first base defense will increase. He said, “The first base defense improved as I learned and practiced a lot. His goal is not to hear that he can’t play defense this year. He goes to the competition with senior Park Byeong-ho, whom he likes, and I think it will be fun.”

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