Ryu Hyun-jin to face Ohtani in big league return after rehab?

Follow Toronto’s trip to LA on the 25th

  • Predictions for the 29th-31st against the Angels

‘Korean Monster’ Ryu Hyun-jin (Toronto Blue Jays) is finally back.

MLB.com, the official website of Major League Baseball (MLB),온라인바카라 reported on the 23rd that “Hyun-jin Ryu will join the team on the 25th against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Toronto,” adding, “The club wants to see him in person to plan his return. While the timing of Ryu’s return to the big leagues has not been confirmed, he is close to returning to the major leagues after 13 months of rehabilitation following elbow ligament splicing surgery.”

Ryu underwent ligament splicing surgery on his left elbow on 19 June last year and has been rehabbing for over a year. “My goal is to return to the major leagues in July 2023,” he said shortly after the surgery. His rehab went according to plan, and he is close to achieving his primary goal.

After pitching out of the bullpen in May and live in June, Ryu made four minor league appearances this month. On the 22nd, he started a Triple-A game and went six innings, allowing two runs on three hits (two homers) and striking out five. Throwing 85 pitches, the most since his surgery, Ryu saw his fastball top out at 146 kilometres per hour and average 142 kilometres per hour. This is close to his average fastball velocity from last season (144 km/h). Ryu examined a variety of pitches, including his fastball (39), changeup (23), cut fastball (13), and curveball (10), and it’s worth noting that he only recorded 10 outs on ground balls. It’s also encouraging that Ryu threw 23 changeups, his main weapon, and induced seven swings and misses.

MLB.com concluded, “There’s nothing left to prove in a rehab start. It’s time to set a timetable for Ryu’s return,” predicting a late July return. Ryu’s return will most likely be during a three-game series against the Los Angeles Angels from 29-31 July.

Ryu is eligible for free agency after this season. If he regains his form after returning from injury, he could continue his career in the big leagues, but if not, he could make a “u-turn” to the KBO. This is why Ryu’s return is so interesting.

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