‘Ryu Hyun-jin return imminent’ moves Toronto to No. 12 in power rankings…Atlanta No. 1

The Toronto Blue Jays, home of the ‘Korean Monster’ Ryu Hyun-jin, moved up one spot in MBL.com’s latest power rankings. Kim Ha-seong’s San Diego Padres dropped one spot, while the Pittsburgh Pirates, featuring Choi Ji-Man and Bae Ji-Hwan, moved up one spot.메이저놀이터

MLB.com released its 30-team power rankings on Thursday (ET). The rankings reflect the results of the three-game midweek series and the three-game weekend series. The top spot changed hands. The Atlanta Braves jumped into the lead, pushing the Tampa Bay Rays to second place. The Texas Rangers held on to third place, while the Arizona Diamondbacks and Baltimore Orioles swapped places to take fourth and fifth.

There were no major changes in the middle of the pack, as the top five teams remained unchanged. The Los Angeles Dodgers moved up from seventh to sixth, while the Florida Marlins jumped two spots from ninth to seventh. The San Francisco Giants slipped from sixth to eighth, and the Houston Astros moved from 10th to ninth. The New York Yankees moved up two spots to 10th place.

Toronto is in 12th place. The New York Yankees, who slipped to 13th in the last release, moved up one spot to round out the top 10. They moved up after taking two of three from the surging San Francisco Giants in midweek. San Diego and Pittsburgh remained in the middle of the pack. San Diego dropped from 18th to 19th, while Pittsburgh moved up from 23rd to 22nd.

Meanwhile, the teams will soon head into the second half of the season after the four-day All-Star break. The 2023 Major League Baseball All-Star Game will be played on 12 June at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington, USA. Hyun-jin Ryu is trying to improve his feel for the game with the goal of returning in late July.◆ MLB.com power rankings (released 4 July; last week’s rankings in parentheses)

1st place Atlanta Braves (2)
2nd Tampa Bay Rays (1)
3rd Texas Rangers (3)
4th Arizona Diamondbacks (5)
5th Baltimore Orioles (4)
6th Los Angeles Dodgers (7)
7th Florida Marlins (9)
8th San Francisco Giants (6)
9th Houston Astros (10)
10th New York Yankees (12)
11th Cincinnati Reds (8)
12th Toronto Blue Jays (13)
13th Philadelphia Phillies (14)
14th Milwaukee Brewers (16)
15th Los Angeles Angels (11)
16th Minnesota Twins (15)
17th Boston Red Sox (17)
18th Chicago Cubs (19)
19th San Diego Padres (18)
20th Cleveland Indians (21)
21st Seattle Mariners (20)
22nd Pittsburgh Pirates (23)
23rd New York Mets (22)
24th Chicago White Sox (26)
25th Detroit Tigers (25)
26th St. Louis Cardinals (24)
27th Washington Nationals (27)
28th Colorado Rockies (28)
29th Kansas City Royals (29)
30th Oakland Athletics (30)

[MLB Power Rankings (top), Toronto’s Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Graphic by Jaehee Shim, Getty Images Korea].

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