Reconstruction of Sajik Stadium with the goal of reopening in 2029… What are the next steps?

The city of Busan has taken the first step toward rebuilding Sajik Stadium, the home stadium of the Lotte Giants.

On the 28th, Busan City held the ‘Final Report on Sajik Stadium Reconstruction Feasibility Study and Basic Plan Establishment Service’ attended by Lotte club officials, city officials, and city councilors, and announced a blueprint for Sajik Stadium reconstruction. It is clear that the progress has been made in that it has gone through the official service procedure at the Busan city level for the first time, unlike the past, when it stopped only at the regular election campaign pledge or proceeded with an informal procedure at the private level and then stopped.

Sajik Stadium will be reconstructed in an open format. 메이저놀이터The main content is to reduce the number of seats from 23,646 to 21,000, increase the seat size from 46.5cm to 50cm for spectator convenience, and reduce the distance between the backstop and the audience from 20m to 15m to increase the sense of realism. included There was also a demand that it be rebuilt in a dome shape, but the city of Busan announced that it had decided to promote it openly in consideration of business performance and operational feasibility after collecting expert opinions. An official from the Sports Promotion Division of Busan City explained, “It was a conclusion that was reached after considering the aspects of operation and efficiency after a service period of about one year.”

Sajik Stadium is an old baseball stadium built in 1985. It is a place that symbolizes Busan baseball, but there were many inconveniences due to aging for a long time. There were not a few cases where cockroaches were infested or rain leaked during the summer rainy season. In response, Busan City said, “As the inconvenience of players and citizens and maintenance costs continue to increase, the demand for reconstruction has continued. In response, we announced a joint declaration of cooperation with the Lotte club for the reconstruction of the Sajik Stadium, and we started preparing for the reconstruction in earnest.”

The new stadium, which will be built at a total project cost of 234.4 billion won at the expense of the government, city and Lotte, will be decorated as a complex cultural space equipped with commercial facilities, a museum, sports facilities for life, and an underground parking lot. Busan City is considering Asiad Main Stadium near Sajik Stadium as a candidate for a temporary replacement stadium during the reconstruction period. If Sajik Stadium is demolished after the National Sports Festival to be held in Busan in October 2025, Lotte plans to prepare a temporary replacement stadium to be used from the 2026 season, begin reconstruction of Sajik Stadium that year, complete it at the end of 2028, and open in February 2029. .

In the future, when the administrative procedures such as the central investment review of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security are completed, the construction plan for the reconstruction of Sajik Stadium is expected to become more concrete. After that, the basic plan design will be carried out through an international competition by Busan City, following the same procedure as the past precedents such as Gwangju-Kia Champions Field, Daegu Samsung Lions Park, Changwon NC Park, and the recently completed Daejeon New Stadium. The outlook for the reconstruction of Sajik Stadium is also positive.

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