Real, who also worships artificial intelligence, named the greatest club in football history! ‘A whopping 95 wins’

Artificial intelligence is also worshiped. Real Madrid has been named the best club in football history by AI.

On the 28th (Korean time),메이저사이트 ‘Transfermarkt’, a football statistics media, unveiled the 10 greatest clubs in football history selected by artificial intelligence ‘ChatGPT’.

First place was definitely Real Madrid. Real is one of the most prestigious clubs in Spain, with 35 Spanish La Liga titles (the most ever), 19 Copa del Rey titles, and 12 Supercopa de España titles.

Its value shines especially on the international stage. Real Madrid, nicknamed the “King of Europe,” showed off its spirit by beating second-placed AC Milan (seven times) by a double margin of winning the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) 14 times.

Real won five consecutive seasons from the 1955-56 season when it was founded in the European Cup, the predecessor of the UCL, and from the 2015-16 season, they achieved their first three consecutive victories after the UCL reorganization, proving why they are the best team in Europe.

2nd place was Manchester United. The number of wins is relatively small compared to the clubs on the list with 69. However, the fact that it is a team that ended England’s dark period in the 1990s and the symbolism of being England’s only treble (1998-99 season) is the pride of Manchester United, which is second to none other clubs.

Third was Barcelona. Barcelona, ​​which has won the most Copa del Rey titles (31 times) and the most Supercopa de España titles (14 times), is the only club in Spain to have won the treble and the only club in the world to win six crowns. It is also a team that has the best derby in football called ‘El Clasico’ with Real Madrid.

The rest of the teams are also competitive. 4th place AC Milan (UCL championship 7 times), 5th place Liverpool (UCL championship 6 times), 6th place Bayern Munich (UCL championship 6 times) are big clubs that rank 2nd and 3rd in their career after Real Madrid.

Juventus in 7th place, Ajax in 8th place, Inter Milan in 9th place, and Benfica in 10th place are also clubs that have the most titles in their country or left a big mark in the UCL. In particular, Inter Milan, despite having a clearly insufficient number of championships (43) compared to other teams, earned high marks for the symbolism of being the only treble team in Italy with catenaccio completed.

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