“Puskas Award Confirmed”…Wonder Goal of Sporting MF ‘Half Line’

Everyone who saw the score could not keep their mouths shut. 

Arsenal drew 1-1 in the second leg of the 2022/23 UEFA Europa League Round of 16 against Sporting held at the Emirates Stadium on the 17th (Korean time). 

In the penalty shootout following extra time with an aggregate score 토토사이트 of 3-3, Arsenal were eliminated from the round of 16 after losing to Sporting after missing one goal.

Arsenal took the lead with Granit Xaka’s goal in the 19th minute of the first half, but allowed Sporting a super wonder goal to tie the game. 

In the 27th minute of the second half, Gonsalves crossed the half line, confirmed Ramsdale’s position in the center circle, and attempted a shot straight toward the goal. 

The ball flew high, and Ramsdale, who had come forward, took a step back, belatedly confirming the shot. He jumped high and tried to hit the ball, but he couldn’t reach it and the ball shook the net. 

When the kicked ball shook the net from about 42 meters away, not only the Sporting players but also the Arsenal players who conceded were all surprised. 

Not only Sporting away fans who came all the way to London, but also Arsenal’s home fans couldn’t move and showed surprise. An Arsenal fan caught on camera could not close his open mouth. 

It was Gonçalves’ first goal against Arsenal in this season’s Europa League match at the Emirates Stadium, and it was fantastic. 

Football statistics company Potmob reported that the expected goal value of this shot by Gonsalves was 0.03, and introduced how difficult this goal was. 

British broadcaster BT Sports released the video on social media and praised it as “2023 FIFA (International Football Federation) Puskas Award Winner, Pedro Gonsalves.” 

Could this score have become a big butterfly effect? Arsenal failed to turn the tide of the game afterwards, and Sporting won after a penalty shootout and advanced to the quarterfinals. 

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