PSG put their heads down for Mbappe move…transfer talks with Real accelerating ‘it’s all about the money’

It has been claimed that Kylian Mbappe could join Spanish giants Real Madrid on a free transfer this summer rather than as a free agent next summer.

온라인카지노Contrary to the claims of the soccer world that it will be difficult, the transfer talks between the two sides are going well.

Rodrigo Paez, who covers Real Madrid and other Spanish La Liga news for ESPN, made the claim on Monday, saying that “Mbappe’s move to Real Madrid is on track” and that negotiations are going well. There is a good chance that Mbappe will join Real this summer.”

Mbappe was expected to play the 2023/24 season for his current club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) before becoming a free agent next season. Mbappe’s behavior has infuriated PSG, who have expelled him from the first team and left him out of their ongoing Asian tour.

PSG believes that Real have already signed a backroom deal with Mbappe. However, the two sides are unable to negotiate openly, as Real can only contact Mbappe from January next year due to the Bosman rule. In the meantime, Paez claims that PSG have finally dropped their stance and are meeting with Real to negotiate.

Especially after Mbappe rejected a one-year contract from the Saudi Arabian side, PSG is convinced that Mbappe has a pre-contract with Real Madrid and is trying to get any amount of money for the transfer.

French media are also convinced of Mbappe’s pre-contract with Real. “PSG’s preparations are not going according to plan because of Mbappe,” said France’s RMC Sport on June 26 (KST), suggesting that a quick move to Real would be best.

PSG’s biggest star, Mbappe, joined the club on loan in 2017 before making a permanent move ahead of the 2018/19 season and was the club’s ace in the hole until last season. However, Mbappe has made it clear that he doesn’t intend to remain PSG’s ace forever. He has not extended his contract with PSG and will leave the club as a free agent after the 2023/24 season.

Mbappe had already requested a move to Real Madrid ahead of the 2022/23 season, but this time he has confirmed his intention to leave, leaving the club and fans baffled once again.

Unlike last summer, PSG have also played hardball with Mbappe this time around, telling him that he must either sign a contract extension or leave this summer.

President Nasser Al-Khelaifi told a press conference in the clubhouse on Friday: “If Mbappe doesn’t want to sign a new contract, the door is always open. No one is bigger than the club. It’s the same with the player and myself,” he said, warning that the decision would have to be made against the player’s will.

When PSG announced their intention to sell Mbappe this summer, several teams, including Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal, rushed in, but Mbappe did not respond.

European soccer transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano exclusively reported on social media that “Al-Hilal has submitted an official bid to PSG to open talks for Kylian Mbappe,” and several outlets later reported that Al-Hilal had prepared a €300 million (USD 425.5 million) transfer fee and a €700 million (USD 99.3 million) salary for Mbappe.

However, the Saudi offer was reportedly quickly rejected, and Al-Hilal has been trying to convince Mbappe and Real to keep him for at least one season, but Mbappe has refused to meet with the Saudi negotiators.

PSG eventually excluded Mbappe from its Asian tour roster to pressure him to make a decision on his future, and some media outlets have even suggested that if he stays with the club next season, they will leave him off their league and UEFA Champions League rosters and never play him.

Amidst this, reports emerged that Mbappe’s refusal to travel to Saudi Arabia and his ongoing conflict with the club had led to a deterioration in the team’s atmosphere.

RMC Sport reported, “PSG are continuing their Asian tour without Mbappe. The exclusion from the roster is creating a strange atmosphere where the squad doesn’t know how to react anymore,” said RMC Sports, adding that the Mbappe situation is having a negative impact on the squad.

“The atmosphere in the PSG squad has been shadowed by Mbappe. The players are torn between wanting to support their teammate and their position as owners. Luis Enrique has also been avoiding the sidelines and doesn’t want to talk about it,” he said, explaining the situation with the Mbappe issue.

Speaking about the current situation in the PSG squad, the source added: “The mood in the PSG squad is not very bright. According to sources, the players can’t keep their hands off each other and it’s not easy to be together. This atmosphere is not conducive to group life. I don’t see how the atmosphere can suddenly improve if the Mbappe case is not resolved,” he said, adding that the team’s mood cannot improve without a decision on Mbappe’s transfer.

For PSG, if the squad remains uneasy in the wake of Mbappe’s departure, it could disrupt the organization’s plans for next season.

The club has been rebuilding its squad this summer with a number of high-profile new signings, including Milan Skriniar, Marco Asensio, and Lee Kang-In, and Mbappe’s departure could hinder the team’s ability to gel if the players are unsure of their future.

PSG, meanwhile, are increasingly convinced that Mbappe has already signed a pre-contract with Real after he refused to travel to Saudi Arabia and insisted on staying.

Romano broke the news of Mbappe’s transfer on social media on Sunday. “Despite a delegation from Alhilal traveling to Paris, Mbappe has refused to negotiate with Alhilal. Mbappe has no intention of starting negotiations despite an offer of €200 million in fixed salary and 100% of his likeness rights,” Romano wrote, adding that Mbappe has steadfastly refused to travel to Saudi Arabia.

Romano noted that PSG is “convinced that Mbappe has agreed a deal with Real Madrid” and that they are confident that Mbappe and Real have agreed a pre-contract.

Mbappe is reportedly unfazed by PSG’s doubts and intense pressure, and continues to train with the rest of the squad.

At this point, Mbappe’s willingness to be relegated to the second division and miss an entire season has left PSG in a position where they have no choice but to make a deal with Real.

Global sports outlet ESPN reported, “Mbappe trains with other players even as confrontation with PSG continues. Mbappe trained with other PSG players who did not make the roster for the Asian tour. PSG have received a €300 million offer from Al-Hilal, but Mbappe must accept the move for the clubs to reach an agreement. According to sources, Mbappe has not been contacted directly by Al-Hilal and would not be open to a transfer under any circumstances,” said a source close to the player.

“The information is that he is not worried about the situation and seems happy,” the source added, explaining that Mbappe has shown an unconcerned attitude towards his exclusion from the team.

ESPN also emphasized that Real is the only destination Mbappe is considering. “He is reportedly only interested in joining Real,” the outlet said. However, Real want PSG to make the first move before the clubs begin negotiations.”

Other media outlets have already suggested that PSG are even planning to send Mbappe to Real and are preparing to negotiate with their longtime rivals.

“An agent has been appointed to lead the negotiations between PSG and Real Madrid for Mbappe,” Loic Tansey, a journalist for French outlet L’Equipe, who is well versed in PSG news, reported on Friday, suggesting that PSG is preparing to hold talks with Real over the transfer of Mbappe.

French outlet PSG Talk also cited Loic Tansey’s report, saying, “PSG and Real have appointed an agent to negotiate a contract with Mbappe. PSG do not want the transfer speculation to continue. Real must either come up with the money to make the transfer happen now, or find a combination of cash and players to meet PSG’s demands,” adding that the two clubs will begin talks.

The outlet believes that PSG will be favorable to Real, saying, “PSG will not come out strong in the negotiations as they want to finalize this transfer quickly. They want to build a team with young and passionate players in a project led by Luis Enrique.”

From PSG’s point of view, there is no other option but to send Mbappe to Real before the transfer deadline at the end of next month. The key is whether Real will be willing to save PSG’s face with a good faith transfer fee.

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