Planting a new green is as big a challenge as its construction itself. It took a lot of work and effort for many good superintendents to manage this difficult several-month “grow in” phase. The grow in phase consists of watering, fertilizing, mowing the newly established lawns, but also after the course has been structurally cleaned and prepared for opening to golfers.

Grow in is the last of the construction phases of the golf course. It represents the cultivation of planted areas. The entire phase lasts several months (8-18) and practically ends with the opening of the playground to the public. All attention should be paid to young lawns. They need special care, they are “hungry”, but at the same time susceptible to diseases and pests, and less resistant to the chemicals used. At the same time, during this period, correction of the drainage (levelling of drainage drains, deepening of the drainage) or adjustment of the irrigation system takes place. It often happens that erosion occurs because the lawn is not fixed yet. 스포츠토토

The ultimate goal of the investor, greenkeeper, superintendent is to bring the golf course from the architect’s vision to real life, and all within the limits of the set budget and on time. This role involves a lot. For an investor, grow in is the most challenging period. As a rule, he has spent almost the entire budget and is impatiently waiting for the perfect appearance of the lawn that he dreamed of. For the greenkeeper, it is a period when he needs strong nerves and the ability to handle moments of crisis.

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