Professional football ‘Suwon Brothers’ pledge to final A through reinforcement of air and water power

The professional football ‘Suwon Brothers’ took a new leap forward by concentrating on strengthening the parts that were disappointing last year.

Suwon Samsung, which survived the humiliation of falling to the playoffs last year and survived dramatically, is focusing on strengthening off-season offense. We are building a new force by intensively reinforcing side resources.

Last season, Suwon showed a relatively stable defense, but in offense, it was only 10th in the league with 44 points in 38 games, which caused a fall in the lower ranks. With the help of Ahn Byeong-jun, who was recruited in the second half, and Oh Hyeon-gyu and Jeon Jin-woo, who returned from military service, they avoided finishing last.

Accordingly, Suwon is showing a busy move in Stove League. First, Noh Dong-gun, Jung Ho-jin, Park Hyung-jin, Shin Won-ho, foreign player Sarich, and Asian Quarter Saito Manabu were sorted out. Instead, they recruited K-League 2 helper Akosti and Brazilian midfielder Basani, and recruited quick-footed Kim Kyung-joong to make up for the lack of offensive power. In addition, it is news that the recruitment of Kim Bo-kyung from the English Premier League has entered the countdown.

It also focused on cracking down on necessary internal resources. Last year, league helper Lee Ki-je and captain Min Sang-ki renewed their contracts for 2 years and 1 year, respectively, and veteran Yeom Ki-hoon was hired as a playing coach. 메이저놀이터

Also, Suwon FC, which unfortunately failed to advance to the top split, is aiming to re-enter Final A through defensive reinforcement.

Last year, Lee Seung-woo (14 goals), Lars, and Kim Hyun (above 8 goals) showed off their strong firepower, and Suwon FC scored the second most goals with 56 goals after league champions Ulsan (57 goals). However, in defense, it exposed the problem of giving up 63 goals (11th place) and was pushed out of Final A.

On This, Suwon FC is committed to strengthening the defense. Captain Park Joo-ho and goalkeeper Park Bae-jong renewed their contracts. Next, Kim Hyun-hoon, who won the K-League 2 Gwangju FC championship last year, and veterans Lee Jae-seong and Park Byung-hyun were recruited to reinforce the central defense, and goalkeeper Roh Dong-gun was recruited. In addition, Yoon Bit-garam, who will play a pivotal role in midfield, was brought in to balance.

However, Lee Yong left due to the expiration of the lease, and Park Min-gyu enlisted in Sangmu, so reinforcement of the side defense remains a task. It is also regrettable that a large number of promising players, such as Kim Gun-woong, Lee Ki-hyeok, and Kang Jun-mo, who were regarded as the future of the team, left the team.

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