Prestigious baseball school rises to the surface of school violence

 If it’s worth forgetting, school violence cases that come up again can come to the surface again.

On the 12th, a shocking tip was delivered to this magazine on the premise of anonymity. It was that a violent incident between students at a school in Seoul, famous for its baseball team, surfaced. The school was famous for producing not only professional baseball players, but also excellent political and business talents, and above all, it was quite surprising that such a story came out because school violence has not made a significant issue so far.

However, in the end,메이저놀이터 the only thing that could be confirmed was the fact that if people gathered, nothing could happen.

According to the informant, “School violence occurred and even though the situation was serious, the coach recommended the victim to transfer. In the end, the victim who could not stand it stopped playing baseball, and I heard that all the perpetrators were on probation.” did.

What’s more unfortunate is the fact that the bullying of the student-athlete has been going on for quite a long time. It is highly likely that this reason was applied to the fact that he started exercising late in middle school, and although he still had to build his body, his skills did not improve well and he was not able to put it into practice.

The informant said, “It’s a very unfortunate situation to see from the side. But, what’s even more amazing is that this thing is being buried so quietly. I hope that the accurate details will be reported and at least the child who quit baseball will live his life in the future without regret.” and finished the story.

We are currently continuing our investigation in this regard. In addition to the school’s opinion, the current situation of those identified as perpetrators will also be reported in the future.

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