Pleasant worries about combining players with various cards

Daegu FC ,토스카지노 who won the victory with the debut goal  of 19-year-old rookie Park Se-jin in the last  Gwangju expedition  , this time against another promoted team, Daejeon,  in an away game.  Wow, coach Choi Won-  kwon said that this round  was a better situation than the last expedition to Gwangju. Daegu FC coach Choi Won-kwon  said, “Before Daejeon , injured players started returning  from the return of ace Sejingya  , but the players from Gwangju already performed well,  so various cards I’m going to have a good time thinking about it because I can put together a player combination.  ” What is it? I won even though I didn’t have a house,  but the barn is a bit full, so I’m sure you’ll push it properly and  show a hot game!

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