“Players who work hard are pretty” smiles bloom on coach Jo Sang-hyun’s face

LG won a complete victory over SK.

Changwon LG Sakers won 85-61 in a match against Seoul SK Knights in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball Regular League held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 10th.

LG achieved a pleasant victory on the road against the tough enemy SK. LG, with an away record of 11 wins and 2 losses, entered the break period with the victory on this day, running on a 6-game winning streak.  

It was a perfect match. LG, which showed a solid defense from the first quarter, overpowered SK based on its strength, defense, and eventually won a sweeping victory by 24 points. Coach Jo Sang-hyeon also applauded the players generously.

Manager Jo Sang-hyun said, “There are days when I smile like this. I don’t have anything to say. The players did really well as they prepared. As a coach, I can only praise SK for tying SK to 60 points. The will of the players to win was really strong. I received a gift,” he praised the players.

Although many players did well, Asem Marey (14 points, 19 rebounds) won the match-up against Jamil Warney (4 points), and LG took the game easily.

Coach Cho praised, “I was worried because Asem Marey’s performance has declined a bit recently. We had a meeting until the morning and said that our performance will improve only when we take control of the bottom of the goal, but today’s rebound fight showed such an overwhelming appearance that a good result came out.” .

In the attack, LG actively attacked and harassed Kim Seon-hyung, the main scorer of the opponent.

Coach Cho said, “Oh Jae-hyeon and Choi Seong-won are players who are specialized in defense, but Kim Seon-hyeong is a strong offensive player, so I asked him to focus on the pattern or derived from this aspect. Donna and other players also did well depending on the opponent.”안전놀이터

Unlike last season, which failed to advance to the playoffs, LG, which was newly anchored under the coach Cho Sang-hyun, made a twist by running at the top.

Coach Cho said, “I was half excited and half worried when I took office. In the process of making the team, there was a part where I was harsh on the staff just because I was the captain. It’s important. I won’t settle down and I’ll do my best in every game by preparing well.”

Regarding the task during the break, “Yang Jun-seok also needs to be checked. I plan to visit and watch the D-League matches. I received a report that Yang Jun-seok needs more time. He said he is not satisfied with it yet, so I am thinking of putting him in first team training and checking him.” answered.

Not only Lee Kwan-hee, Lee Jae-do, and Asem Marey, but also Jung In-deok, who has been playing as a starting pitcher recently, is LG who performed well on this day.

Coach Cho said, “Rather than saying I’m raising them, they are working out with earnestness. Players like Jung In-deok, Lee Seung-woo, and Yoon Won-sang, who train and work hard even at dawn, are pretty. We will continue to give such players opportunities and try to seize them.

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