PIT, who lowered the bullpen and called up left-handers, seeks platoon advantage 

The Pittsburgh Pirates, who have scored just eight points in their last six games, are trying to find a breakthrough in Platoon.

Pittsburgh called up left-handed outfielder Josh Palacios ahead of a home game against the Colorado Rockies at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on the 10th (Korean time).

Having joined the Pirates in the Triple A Rule 5 Draft in December of last year, he played 21 games in Double-A and Triple-A this season with a batting average of 0.368, on-base percentage of 0.433 and a slugging percentage of 0.598.

In an interview 메이저놀이터 before the game, coach Derek Shelton said, “I’ve done well. During camp, he didn’t have many opportunities to see him because he was attending the World Baseball Classic. Instead, he’s done well in Double-A and Triple-A. We have a player who is doing well and if we think he will help the team, we are giving him a chance.”

He formed a right-handed lineup against left-hander Kyle Freeland the previous day, and formed a left-handed lineup against right-handed corner Sibold (0-0, 5.30).

Pittsburgh: Key Brian Hayes (third baseman) Brian Reynolds (left fielder) Andrew McCutchen (designated hitter) Carlos Santana (first baseman) Jack Suwinsky (center fielder) Josh Palacios (right fielder) Jason DeLay (catcher) Tucupita Macano (shortstop) ) announced the lineup of Bae Ji-hwan (second baseman). All available left-handed hitters were put in.

Right-handed hitters Connor Cho, Chris Owings, Miguel Anduha, and switch-hitter Rodolfo Castro, who is stronger against lefties, all start off the bench.

Manager Shelton said, “When I called up Miguel Anduha, I said, ‘I will give you a chance when the opponent is a left-handed starter. Same situation. If it’s a matchup we like, it’ll be in the lineup. I won’t run every day. Like they did at the beginning of the season, they want to take advantage of the platoon. The goal is to maximize it as much as possible,” he said, revealing his plan to maximize the benefits of Platoon.

On this day, Pittsburgh sent right-hander bullpen Cody Bolton down to Triple-A while raising starter Luis Ortiz, and transferred another right-hander bullpen Chase De Jong. With this move, the number of pitchers decreased and became a 7-man bullpen.

Shelton said, “The previous day’s starter shut out, and the rest day is approaching, so there is room in the bullpen. I wanted to reinforce the beast side a little more. He explained the reason for the increase in the number of beasts, saying, “I tried to enable a more functional roster operation.”

Regarding the waiver of the dragon, which played an important role in the bullpen with an average ERA of 2.64 in 42 games last season, “Other players were more advanced. He’s a really good friend, but things turned out to be unlucky. It was a difficult decision, but we decided that it was the best choice for our team.”

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