‘(Oh) Hyeon-gyu, can I go to (Son) Heung-min?’

Confusion continues over the appointment of the next manager of Tottenham in the English Premier League (EPL).메이저놀이터

After Antonio Conte was sacked, many coaches were nominated, and one strong candidate was recently mentioned. It was Arne Slot Feyenoord coach. He was recognized for his leadership by leading Feyenoord to the Dutch Eredi Vichy this season, and was Tottenham’s number one target.

Local media predicted that Tottenham would soon make an official announcement about the appointment of manager Slot. but in the end it failed This is because coach Slot directly declared Feyenoord’s stay. The next manager of Tottenham was sucked into the fog again.

Then the previously mentioned candidates started popping up again. Reports continued that former Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann and former Spanish national team coach Luis Enrique were re-entered as candidates.

In this situation, some British media outlets claimed that there was a director who emerged most influentially after the slot was cancelled. He is Celtic manager Enze Postecoglu. He is the head coach of Oh Hyeon-gyu’s team in the Korean national team. If successful, Postecoglu will leave Oh Hyun-kyu and become the mentor of the Korean national team Son Heung-min.

Britain’s ‘Express’ reported, “After Tottenham was rejected by manager Slot, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is strongly considering Postecoglu. Postecoglu has now risen to the top of Tottenham’s next manager.”

The media continued, “Postecoglu has achieved numerous honors over the past two years, including Celtic’s winning the league title. He is one of the most exciting managers in world football. Tottenham have a good relationship with Celtic, and negotiations will be easier. that,” he added.

England’s ‘Football Insider’ also said, “Tottenham, who were rejected for the slot, now turned their attention to Postecoglu. Postecoglu has received steady attention from Tottenham. He is a leader on the shortlist right after Conte was sacked. Slot The breakdown in negotiations with the club means that Tottenham may start negotiations with Postecoglu.”

The media continued, “Tottenham’s original idea was to appoint a young manager who could rebuild the team, as Mauricio Pochettino did. So Postecoglu, 57 years old, was pushed out of the priority due to his age. But the slot failed. “I’m paying attention to Postecoglu’s achievements at Celtic. He is a Celtic hero. Tottenham are focusing on Postecoglu right now.”

There is another reason why Postecoglu is receiving intensive attention from President Levy. This is because he is currently in the position, but the compensation is found to be relatively low. There have been reports that slot directors can pay up to 36 billion won in compensation.

The media predicted, “According to insiders, Postecoglu’s compensation is cheap. This will be very attractive to President Levy.”

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