Odoric out for season with shoulder surgery

Veteran right-hander Jake Odoric (33), acquired by the Texas Rangers in a trade, is highly likely to leave the team without playing a single game.

Rangers general manager Chris Young reported Odorici’s season out in an interview with local media outlets such as ‘MLB.com’ on the 8th (Korean time).

According to this, Odoric 온라인바카라had surgery to remove necrotic tissue in his right shoulder using an arthroscope in Arlington, Texas, the club’s hometown, on Wednesday local time. Dr. Keith Meister, the club’s attending physician, conducted the operation.

Odorici did not appear in the exhibition game during spring training due to arm fatigue. He found a way to return through rehabilitation and treatment, but it seems that it did not work out as he intended.

Odorici recorded 74 wins, 69 losses, and a 3.99 ERA in 241 appearances over 11 seasons in the major leagues. He was named an All-Star in 2019.

In November of last year, he was recruited by the Atlanta Braves on the condition of giving away left-hander Colby Allard. He was the first pitcher Texas recruited.

Since then, his role as a long reliever has been pushed back as he recruited several pitchers, including Jacob deGrom. Due to an injury, he couldn’t even do this.

He signed a three-year, $29.5 million contract with the Houston Astros in 2021, and this was the final season of that deal. As he could not play the rest of the season, the possibility of his relationship with Texas increasing as well. While recovering from his injury, he will be on the free agency market.

For Texas, Odorici’s departure means opportunities for other players. MLB.com pointed out Dane Dunning, who is currently in the role of long reliever, and Cole Reagans as replacements.

General Manager Young said, “The best thing about our team right now is that we have a very good player base. His departure is a big shock, but we knew we would go through this,” he said, adding that he would prepare for his departure.

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