“Now a member, maybe the last” Last spark of KT exclusivity before military enlistment

“I have to go.”온라인카지노

KT right-hander Choi Eui-seong, 27, has come out of a long tunnel. After a disappointing 2022 season that was marred by back pain, he bounced back in 2023.

By the 29th, he was 3-5 with a 3.60 ERA in 12 games this season. He was up and down through May as he focused on finding his pitching balance, but in four starts in June, he went 2-1 with a solid 1.25 ERA.

“Last year, I kept playing through the pain in my back and it got worse. The more pain I had, the more off-balance I was, but now that the back pain is gone, I’m getting back to the balance I had before,” he said. “Even at the beginning of this season, I was actually trying to force innings, but after a trip to the second team, the coaches helped me find my balance a little bit. Since then, I’ve been pitching better and the results have followed.”

Choi is scheduled to join the military after this season. He was accepted into the Armed Forces Athletic Corps (Commerce) last month. He is playing his final season before enlisting. It’s an emotional time for him, as he’s been on a tear since 2017, working with his current teammates to win the championship.

“I have to go (to the army) after the season. We just laugh about it and say, ‘This could be my last year as a member of this team,'” he said. “So I want to finish on a higher note. When you go to the military, anybody can be out of (your place). These guys are like family. I want to have fun every day.”

“Our starting pitchers have been giving us a lot of innings,” he said, “and I’m trying to conserve them. I’m trying to conserve more pitches,” he said, adding, “You have to pitch to the situation, and when I need to be aggressive, I’m going to be aggressive with the strike zone.”

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