Non-FA multi-year contract duo’s impact enhancement… The problem is mental, now I can’t go back to the 2nd team

Ahead of the 2022 season, SSG signed non-FA multi-year contracts alongside three players who could grow into the team’s franchise stars. Han Yu-seom (34), the team’s main batter, and Moon Seung-won (34) and Park Jong-hoon (32), members of the starting lineup, all signed five-year contracts.메이저놀이터

They were scheduled to become free agents (FA) at the end of the 2022 season. SSG decided that if all three players appeared on the market at once, they could not catch all of them in a situation where a salary cap was introduced. So, in 2022, before the salary cap was introduced, a significant portion of the salary was paid, and from 2023, the contract was adjusted so that the team payroll could be managed.

The three players debuted at SSG and dedicated their professional careers to SSG. Their affection for the team was clear, and the juniors trusted them. Above all, it was also the core of power. Even up to the time of the contract, the response was good. It was good that these players did not have to worry about leaving for another team, and it was good that the team had a long-term strategy. On the other hand, considering the skyrocketing free agency market price, it was a contract that didn’t even seem that expensive.

However, all three players are having a difficult season this year. Hanyu Island, which led the team as captain last year and played its part by leading the team’s batting line at the beginning of the season, when the team was most important, suffered from a sluggish batting this year. Moon Seung-won went to the bullpen after a slump at the beginning of the season and is now functioning properly, but Park Jong-hoon struggled, unable to escape his anxiety.

In the end, SSG also made a decision. The batting control vehicle, Hanyu Island, was lowered to the second group on June 10. Park Jong-hun also went down to the second group on June 15th. There is no exact return date. Even if you fill it up for 10 days, it is not a second-team line with the personality to go straight to the first team. SSG’s idea is that once you get on your own track, you will consider enrolling in the first team. The reason is simple. Because both players are the players the team needs. In order for SSG to challenge for the championship again, the two players must play their part in designing the team’s strength.

Hanyu Island modified its batting form ahead of this season. He lifted his upper body more to put less strain on his lower body. Having suffered a hamstring tear last year, he hopes to find some form before he gets older. But he wasn’t performing well, and his hitting balance was thrown out in the midst of the complexities of returning to his old form. He only had a batting average of 0.179 in 48 games for the season. There were only two home runs. It wasn’t Hanyu Island’s performance.

Park Jong-hoon also changed his form to catch the ball and check the opponent’s stolen base. When pitching, there was a moment of hesitation. However, I was still uneasy about Jegu. He gave up just 38 walks in 53⅔ innings on the season. He piled up runners with walks, and the pattern of conceding a large number of runs after being hit by one shot continued. He easily goes for good innings, but it was difficult to calculate because he easily collapsed bad innings. Even considering that his form was difficult to control, he had a hard time accepting the result.

There are obviously technical issues as well. During this period of stay in District 2, this issue must be resolved. We plan to calmly point out and correct the problems that were revealed during the game and practice. The coaching staff of the SSG Future Team (group 2) has been busy right now. We are conducting continuous research while communicating with the first team coaching staff about the problems of the two players. However, SSG’s judgment is that the mental part plays a big role before the technical part.

It’s natural for a team’s key players to have a sense of responsibility, but good performance won’t come out if they’re weighed down by it. SSG’s unanimous conclusion is that both players had a strong desire to do well, and that it was rather a hindrance to their normal performance. This is the background where the evaluation of “unselfish players” comes out. SSG coach Kim Won-hyung has never been dissatisfied with the two players’ training attitude. Rather, he said, “I wish I could be comfortable,” but this second military trip is possible to graduate quickly if you learn from that attitude.

Chae Byeong-yong, pitching coach of SSG Future Steam, expressed regret, “Jong-hoon watched the game and said ‘Please, please’ when the batted ball flew away. That’s how desperate he was.” Future Steam officials also believe that a proper mental reset is necessary. There is a possibility that a suitable program will come out. Hanyu Island, which came down to District 2 first, went through a similar process. Park Jeong-kwon, SSG Future’s team hitting coach, said, “I came down and gave him time to gather his mind. In fact, it’s a technical problem. The player himself should know best.”

The club officials and coaching staff, as well as the fans, are well aware of the loyalty the two players have to the team. But anyway, pros talk sexually, and two players have to talk sexually too. After this adjustment is over, these are the players who should never come down to Ganghwa again. That in itself means that the concept of the first team is twisted again. Even if it takes a little time, you have to make it calmly. There is still more than half of the season left, and more than half of the contract period remains. There is plenty of time left to repay the sorry and guilt you have now.

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