[NBA] ‘LeBron wants reinforcements right now… ‘ Lakers look at 3 years

 Lebron James and the Lakers seem to have different thoughts regarding the reinforcement of power.

Local media ‘ESPN’ said on the 13th (Korean time), “The LA Lakers have no intention of urgently reinforcing their power. We will first look for trades that can boost the team’s strength over the next three years.” In addition, “The Lakers want James to play with the best players. But if I can get a good deal in July, I’ll wait and not do it at the trade deadline in February.”

The Lakers are 19-23 this season and are in 13th place in the Western Conference. James is still showing off his skills, but he is recording disappointing results due to the injury of Anthony Davis and the sluggishness of his teammates.

In response, James said, “You know what’s going to happen to the Lakers roster. He expressed his frustration with the team’s strength to the extent of interviewing, “I don’t have to mention it.” Also, James said in an interview with ‘ESPN’, “I always want to win at the highest level. Defeat doesn’t suit me. I only want victory,” he said, firmly expressing his will. 먹튀검증

But the Lakers don’t appear to be in a hurry. The Lakers, who exhausted many first-round draft picks at the time of the Davis trade, have two first-round draft picks for 2027 and 2029 that can be used for the trade. As the value of draft picks in the NBA is increasing day by day, the Lakers’ future picks are also of great value.

The Lakers have shown a willingness to use their two first-round picks only to sign superstars. It was also the reason why trade negotiations with the Indiana Pacers for Russell Westbrook as a goalkeeper broke down in the offseason and right before the season opener.

The Lakers may decide that it will be difficult to win unless there is a big reinforcement. Even if one or two players are reinforced, the Lakers have a difficult power to rise to the championship right away. James, on the other hand, thinks otherwise. James, a veteran born in 1984, is at an age where his skills may decline. He will want to perform when his skills are strong.

Attention is focusing on whether the Lakers will go all-in for James or play the season as it is on the current roster without trading.

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