Napoli’s Serie A victory is worth ’10 times’… why?

Napoli, which is causing a sensation in Italy’s Serie A. After 33 years since the 1989-90 season led by the ‘legend’ Diego Maradona, winning is certain.

Up to the 25th round, Napoli is currently running unrivaled first 스포츠토토 place with 65 points. They are 15 points behind second place Inter Milan (50 points). As long as there is no change, Napoli’s victory can become a reality. If that happens, it will be the third title in Napoli club history.

With Napoli’s chances of winning very high, it has been argued that the value will be ’10 times’ if Napoli wins. ‘Euronews’ made this voice. For what reason?

The key is that they won the championship by overcoming the ‘three captains’ that dominate Serie A. This is what Serie A history tells us. How difficult it is to overcome the top 3 and win the championship. The three captains are Juventus, Inter Milan, and AC Milan.

In Serie A history, Juventus ranks first with a total of 36 victories. And Inter Milan and AC Milan each lifted the scudetto 19 times. It is an overwhelming achievement that overwhelms other clubs.

Following the 3 captains, Genoa (9 times), Torino (7 times), Bologna (7 times), Pro Vercelli (7 times), AS Roma (3 times), Napoli (2 times), Lazio (2 times), Play Laurentina (twice) and others were listed.

Looking at the record since the 1990s, the gap is even more visible. Including Juventus winning the championship 15 times, AC Milan (8 times) and Inter Milan (6 times) have firmly established themselves. Following this, only four teams – AS Roma, Lazio, Sampdoria and Napoli – won the title once each. In other words, it means that the 1990s is a world where it is even more difficult to win the championship beyond the third captain.

In this history, Napoli is once again taking the lead in defeating the three captains. This is the reason why it can be evaluated as a victory worth 10 times.

‘Euronews’ said, “It’s been more than 30 years since Napoli won the championship. In a situation where Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan have dominated Serie A for decades, Napoli’s storm is a truly special opportunity. It is impossible to describe in words. It has some meaning.”

Even in the 2000s, it was Naples where there was a time when they performed well as a good member. But it didn’t make it to the championship. why?

The media explained, “Under coach Maurizio Sarri, Napoli played the most beautiful and finest football in Italy. It was a team that could remain a legend, but unfortunately, they did not win. Napoli could not surpass the giant Juventus.”

This media introduced an interview with director Sven Goran Eriksson. This is because he is also the person who created the legend of winning the championship by surpassing the three captains of Italy. Ericsson coached Lazio from 1997 to 2001, and achieved a miraculous victory in the 1999-00 season. Director Ericsson said at the time:

“It is worth 10 times that Lazio won the title over Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan.”

The media then emphasized, “Napoli is the same. Napoli’s championship is worth 10 times. This city will hold a championship party for three months, if not a year.”

Finally, the media said, “I think it is absolutely impossible to win Serie A without Napoli now. It seems that Napoli, which has been more than 30 years since the last championship, can finally end the long wait for the championship. 13 With a game left, we are ahead of second place by 15 points. New players such as Kim Min-jae and Hvica Kvarachhelia have played an essential role.”

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