Multi-Hit – Pioneering Plan – Perfect Operation, Fantastic Relief Fee as a Bonus…’Perfect itself’ Kim Ha-seong

It can’t be better than this!

U.S. Major League Baseball San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong led the team to a complete victory with perfect ball-defense-week play. It was the perfect play content that needed no explanation.

Kim Ha-seong started as a 7th-2nd baseman in a home game against the Chicago Cubs held at Petco Park on the 4th (Korean time). Kim Ha-seong played a big role in both offense and defense that day, becoming the number one contributor to the team’s 6-0 victory.먹튀검증

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When he needed a hit, he hit, and when he needed to advance, he performed a perfect operation. And his defensive ability, which is recognized as the best in the entire major league, shone on this day as well.

Kim Ha-seong created a scoring opportunity with a sacrifice bunt in the second inning with no 1st and 2nd base chances. Ha-seong Kim, who played in the KBO League and had a lot of bunt experience, was not a very difficult part. Thanks to Kim Ha-seong’s base hit, San Diego took the lead with both runners hitting home.

Kim Ha-seong hit a double in the second at-bat in the 4th inning, letting go of the sorrow of a sacrifice hit in the previous at-bat. He didn’t hit it right, but the ball landed in an obscure spot on the right field.

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In episode 6, he showed off his pioneering mind. he singled out a walk. He even succeeded in stealing here. Season 11. In the last at-bat in the 8th inning, he pulled out a perfect left-handed hit as if to prove that the earlier ambiguous double was not luck.

He was both offensive and defensive. Kim Ha-seong cleared Nico Horner’s right-handed hit in a crisis situation with 2 out and 2nd base in the 3rd inning. Lose points if missed. And in the 4th inning situation with 2 out, opponent Dansby Swanson kicked off a heavy hitting ball with his backhand and jumped to 1st base to catch it. Starter Darvish judo gave a thumbs up to his fantastic defense.

2 hits, 1 walk, 1 run, 1 steal in 2 at bats. He kept the record evenly. He also raised his batting average to .25 for the season.

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