Müller “Klinsman is a strong leader… he can handle a star”

Michael Müller, the head of the Korea Football Association’s National Team Strengthening Committee, who selected Jurgen Klinsmann (59, Germany) as the new coach of Korean football, evaluated Klinsmann as a strong leader who could handle star players such as Son Heung-min. did.

Chairman Muller held a press conference on the afternoon of the 28th at the Soccer Hall in Sinmun-ro, Jongno-gu, to appoint coach Klinsmann, and said, “The Korean national team has many experienced and good players.” You need the ability to lead,” he said.

He said, “Klinsmann was in the candidate list in 2018. Klinsmann wanted to come to Korea because he had good memories with Korea.” “he explained.

“Klinsmann scored two goals in the match against Korea in 1994, and was impressed with Korea’s fighting spirit at that time,” he said. He said, “I worked as a TSG (Technical Research Group) at FIFA at the last World Cup in Qatar. Through this, I analyzed all matches, including the Korean ones.”

In response to criticism that manager Klinsmann’s tactical ability is poor, Muller said, “The manager has to think about how to run the team. English Premier League managers are called managers,” he said. “They don’t talk about the passing course. They draw the big picture.” said.

Regarding the reason for the exclusion of Korean coaches, he said, “(Foreigners) 5 candidates were sufficiently capable. If they were not appointed, they planned to meet Korean coaches.” It was disrespect for the coach,” he said.

◇The following is Q&A with Chairman Mueller.


“I am delighted to announce the appointment of Jurgen Klinsmann as head coach. I want to greet the day when I can bring in Klinsmann as soon as possible and draw a successful future for Korean soccer.”

-Why did you not communicate with the power reinforcement committee from candidate selection to contact process and negotiation details? What is the role of the committee members?

“I had a second meeting with the members yesterday in Gwanghwamun. It was a very positive and informative time. The reason for the existence of the committee is to discuss together, share ideas, and have a general meeting. We are all adults, and our thoughts may not always be the same. . Yesterday, we shared and agreed on the past process. We asked for understanding that the process of selecting candidates was sensitive to the association’s policy issues. (Commissioners) fully agreed.”

– In the process of deciding only the cleans, who did you discuss with and come to a conclusion?

“As in the first meeting, we started in a situation where we shared and agreed on the standards and procedures with the members. It was five criteria: experience, professionalism, teamwork, motivation, and environmental factors. We talked with the members and agreed. “I said starting from a blank slate, and the Power Reinforcement Committee also said it. Afterwards, there was a process of finding and reviewing who met the criteria. I contacted several people and reviewed whether they were the right person or the person who met the criteria. The whole process A total of 5 candidates were selected through . Negotiations were made based on priorities, and only Klins negotiated first, so he was finally appointed.”

-Please explain the process of appointing Klinsman.

“Klinsmann was in the reserve in 2018. Klinsmann wanted to come to Korea because he had good memories with Korea. He came to Korea as a German commentator for the 2002 World Cup and visited Korea because his son played for the 2017 U20 World Cup. 1994 He said he was impressed by Korea’s fighting spirit after scoring two goals in the match against Korea in 2004. In 2004, he visited Korea as a German coach and lost 1-3먹튀검증. He said that this changed his mind about Korean football. Last World Cup in Qatar I worked as TSG in FIFA. Through this, I analyzed all the matches, including the Korean match. Cha Du-ri also worked at FIFA TSG. I imagine that in Europe, the two would have had a conversation because they worked together. would have been soccer. During this process, only Klins asked Cha Doo-ri about Korean soccer. I think that was all of Cha Doo-ri’s role.”

-Please tell us about the specific process, such as domestic supervision and foreign supervision.

“I prepared interviews with the candidates myself. In the process of preparing for the interview, I looked at the candidates’ CVs (resumes) and prepared how to ask questions, including questions and experiences. Asked what kind of football he would play if he became the coach of the Korean national team We asked about his short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals We asked about his interest in Korea and whether he would attend the meeting of the Korea Football Association and if he would stay in Korea 2 weeks ago The preferred bidder was Klinsman, and he was appointed after giving a positive answer. The final decision was made on February 27. In late January and early February, online interviews were conducted with 5 candidates. The inference was made until January 26. The interview started on January 30. We prepared for 4 days. By January 18, we made a list with 23 people in mind. On January 12, there were 61 candidates. .”

-There were 5 criteria, but in what way was only Klins better? After the World Cup in Qatar, in what ways is Clinsman suitable?

“I made 5 criteria, and I thought I had to look at the human aspect before reviewing them. Everyone has various experiences. The 5 criteria were created based on how to lead Korean football. It was difficult to create a questionnaire for each candidate. It was more difficult to confirm the human side. Many candidates were interested in the manager position, so I was surprised. Many candidates met the 5 criteria. I found Klinsman attractive, such as his strong personality. Most importantly, Klinsman said that he wanted to coach the Korean national team. “And he wanted success. Klinsmann is not a coach, he is a manager, he has the ability to motivate. As chairman, he had to decide who was the best manager for the national team. He had to think about how to run the team. English Premier League manager is called the manager. They don’t talk about the passing course. They paint the big picture.”

– Were there any domestic directors among the five finalists?

“There were no Korean coaches among the 5, but 61 had Korean coaches.”

-Is there no domestic coach that met the 5 criteria?

“The 5 candidates were sufficiently capable. If we were not appointed among the 5 candidates, we planned to meet with a Korean coach. If there were 5 candidates and we approached the Korean coach again, it would be disrespect for the Korean coach.”

-Klinsman has a long gap in leadership, but can he keep up with modern soccer? how did you verify Also, they say that the tactical part is weak, and they say that they only trained physical strength.

“Football is not all about tactics. There are many different areas, such as how to handle players and how to handle star players. How to motivate the team is also important. Mental strength on the pitch is also important. Build a team. Klinsmann worked at FIFA TSG. Klinsmann did analysis of the match during this process. How the players perform on the pitch is important. There are many experienced and good players in the Korean national team. Klinsmann uses these players. “If you do, you will be able to do well in various situations. You need the strength of a leader. You need the ability to lead a team and command a star.”

-Does Klinsman live more than a few days out of the year? Does his family come with him?

“I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know the details of the contract, but Klinsman wants to stay in Korea.”

-I think Klinsman is a manager-type coach, but who is the head coach? Who is the Korean coach?

“Klinsmann also has tactical skills. The coaching staff part is under negotiation. On Thursday, we will meet with Lee Seung-han, the national team manager, to discuss Klinsmann. The process has not been completed yet. If possible, we will share it. Yesterday, the Power Reinforcement Committee discussed the appointment of a Korean coach.”

– Do you continue Bento’s philosophy or change it and apply your own philosophy?

“Every human being and every coach is different. A new manager has a new influence on the team. When a new manager comes, we have to see how it will change. It has to be Korean like Gangnam Style, not copied. It’s about how you respond. It’s about when you have the ball, what you do when you don’t have the ball, and what you do when there’s a switch between offense and defense.”

-What part did coach Bento contribute to Korean soccer? How will the new coach contribute to Korean soccer?

“I thought a lot about the future of Korean football after Bento left. I have to create more scoring opportunities and score more goals. In the Qatar World Cup Portugal, there was a process of counterattacking and scoring goals. It’s time. It’s pressing, etc. I think Klinsman’s style is the same as mine. I think the new manager should ask for specifics when holding a press conference.”

– There was an announcement of the FIFA Awards, but the chairman is puzzled by the fact that Bellingham was ranked first. Is it correct to choose Bellingham?

“That’s right. I voted. There is no manager, so I have to answer. It is my will that I did not choose Messi. Next time I see Messi, I will apologize. Bellingham is 20 years old and has everything a footballer needs. 100% performance every 3 days. As a box-to-box midfielder, he defends well and has a lot of work. Bellingham creates chances and scores goals in the transition.”

-Were there any Korean directors in the middle list of 23 people? What was the lack of Korean directors?

“Korean coaches were also in the candidate pool. I did not distinguish between Korean coaches and foreign coaches. I thought about who would be suitable for the national team. I contacted the final five candidates and they were positive. There was no Korean among the five. It was about how to deal with experience, leadership, and stars.”

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