MLB Commissioner Resents Auckland Fan Protests: “Average crowd level, amazing”

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has revealed his thoughts on the Athletics move.

On the 16th안전놀이터 (hereinafter Korean time), Manfred held a press conference for local media such as ‘The Athletic’ after the owner’s meeting at the Major League Secretariat in New York, New York, USA.

At this meeting, he described the Nevada state legislature’s approval of public funds for the construction of the stadium the day before as “very important” and announced that the office would go through a ‘thorough process’ for the relocation of the ointment. The exact timing of the vote asking for and against the transfer of ointment was not disclosed.

The Athletics’ relocation push is met with backlash from Oakland fans. On the 14th, a ‘reverse boycott’ was held with more than 20,000 spectators entering and claiming to sell the club.

Manfred, who said he hadn’t seen the match, said: “It was amazing. It was a big deal that a crowd of about the average major league crowd came into the stadium overnight,” he said, showing a somewhat sour reaction to the ‘reverse boycott.

“I feel sorry for the Oakland fans. I hate to see results like this. “The question is how Auckland prepared. There was also no offer (for a new stadium). No plans were presented for the construction of a new stadium. This isn’t just a problem for John Fisher (owner of the Athletics). The community needs to show support as well. At some point you will realize that none of these things have happened.”

Meanwhile, Auckland Mayor Sheng Tao said through a spokesperson that Manfred’s comments were “totally false” and that the city had made its own efforts.
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