Messi is back? Barcelona, ​​let’s see…’How to organize an attack?’

After reuniting with the god of soccer, what is Barcelona’s offensive combination?

Barcelona’s offensive combination after joining Lionel Messi, highlighted by ‘score90’, a soccer content production company, is attracting attention.

After Messi joined,토토사이트 Barcelona’s attack combination was predicted in three ways, but Plan A, which matches breathing with Gaby and Usman Dembele, was discussed.

Then, Dembele, Robert Lewandowski, and Messi highlighted the possibility of Plan B, which constitutes an attack.

Finally, C, which replaces Lewandowski with Rafinya, was also mentioned, predicting that three attack combinations would be possible.

Messi, the god of Barcelona and soccer, is expected to heat up the upcoming summer transfer market. Because they are in the process of reunion.

Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires at the end of this season, and transfer rumors are receiving great attention.

PSG set up a negotiating table to extend the contract with Messi. He reportedly spoke to his father, who does agent work, but could not come to an agreement.

To make matters worse, they recently fell out. Saudi Arabia’s tourism ambassador, Messi, managed the filming schedule, but PSG pointed out that it was an unauthorized action.

For Messi, his home team, Barcelona, ​​is active. It is known that the chairman is pushing for a reunion with the determination to relieve the burden of the heart caused by the breakup in August 2021.

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